Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


7. dinner?

Taylor's POV I can't belive what just happened me and Liam kissed and we've only known each other for a day one minute we were talking the next minute we were kissing it was a good kiss but Its not like it meant anything...right?where just friends...yeah friends "well I should head back to my hotel room now so umm see ya later Liam"I said and walked back to my room and layed on my bed staring at the ceiling once again "you ok Tay?"Kayla asked me "yeah I'm fine..."I replied "kayla can u keep a secret?"I asked "of course I can  what's up?"Kayla said "me and Liam kissed..."I replied nervously "OMG WAS IT A GOOD KISS?!?"Kayla asked excitedly "eh it was ok..."I replied totally lying "it's not like it meant anything"I said "mmmhmmmm"Kayla said "what's that's supposed to mean ?"I asked "nothing"Kayla replied.

Liam's POV I went home after Taylor left and of course the first thing I was asked was "where were u?"Louis asked "the beach"I replied "hanging out with Taylor"I added "so u to dating now or something ?"Niall asked "nah were just friends that's all"I replied and went to my room I went on twitter and tweeted :"@tay_directioner hey wanna go out for diner sometime or something?",@real_liam_payne hmmm sure what time?,Taylor replied,@tay_directioner 8-ish?,I replied,@real_liam_payne kk c'ya then,Taylor tweeted back,

Taylor's POV wow alots happened today first me and Liam kiss now where going out to dinner i cant belive it...does he have feelings for me?...should i ask him? many questions i guess the only way to find out is to ask or wait and see

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