Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


23. aneversery

*couple months past* liams POV today it was mine and taylors one year aneversery i was going to take her out to a fancy dinner later,  i woke taylor up "morning babe"i said "morning"taylor said "remember what today is?"i asked "how could i forget its our year aneversery"she said with a smile, i kissed her on softly on the lips the kiss had so much passion, we kissed for about 5 minutes then pulled away for air "that.... was....the"i said inbetween breaths "i...agree"taylor replied "todays gonna be the best day ever "i said 

"every days been the best day ever for the past year"taylor said sweetly "and why is that?"i teased "becuase ive been with you the whole time"she said and we kissed again and smiled "i love you so much"i said

"i love you to"taylor said and we kissed for 5 more minutes then we decided to go on the livingroom  we walked out holding hands "happy aneverery!!!'zayn harry louis niall and kayla shouted in unison me and taylor laughed "so any 'special' plans for tonight?"harry asked "nope"i replied "you sure"harry asked

"yes!!!"we replied "your no fun"harry mutered i shook my head why would harry even ask that?...anyways we ate breakfast and went to the beach "remember this is where i asked you out"i said 

"of course i remember it was the best day of my life"taylor replied with a smile "liam there isnt any other person id want to be with besides you"taylor said to me and i smiled "i feel the same way"i replied and taylor smiled, we went back to the house to get ready for dinner *10 minutes later* taylors POV me and liam left for dinner he took to me a fancy resteraunt he was so romantic sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky to have a boyfriend as perfect as liam. we went inside and sat at a table this night was perfect.

we ordered our food and talked "your the best boyfriend ever liam"i said and smiled "your the best girlfriend ever"liam replied and we both smiled.

we payed for dinner then went home i went in the kitchen and say a note on the table that said 

:"HIIIIIIIIIIII WED DECIDED TO LEAVE YOU GUYS HOME ALONE FOR THE NIGHT HINT HINT SO ENJOY YOUR ANEVERSERY!!!!!!"from kayla niall harry louis and zayn...."you have to be kidding me"i said "what?"liam asked and looked at the note "ohhhh"he said...why do i have a feeling hazza came up with the idea for leaving for the night....

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