Love at first sight (Niall Horan Love Story)

Theresa Payne has been in a coma for 2 years, when she finally wakes up, a sweet, caring Irish lad falls in love with her, does she feel the same way?????


5. Chapter 3

The next day I hardly slept a wink but as soon as I saw Liam my day brightens up.

“Love what’s wrong?” Liam came in and says

“Oh nothing” I looked up and replied

“Once you can sign some papers you are free to leave” Dr Harper comes in and says 

So Dr Harper gave me some papers and a pen and signed my signature on the line, I got out of bed and Liam took me to his car, as soon as I saw Liam’s car I froze.

“Theresa” Liam turned and saw me and says, I snap out of the trance.

“Are you okay?” Liam says

“Yeah I’m fine” I replied

I opened the car door and strapped in, Liam drove to his apartment, I went into the living room and sat down.

“Where are the boys?” I said to Liam

“I guess they went to their apartments, are you hungry I could make you something?” Liam replies

“No I’m fine” I shook my head and said

“Do you want to talk about it?” Liam sat down next to me and says

“I rather not at the moment” I replied

“Well you’re going to have to.” Liam replies 

“Last night I hardly slept a wink cause the accident is going through my mind, and this morning when I saw your car it reminded me of the crash” I took a deep breath and said.

“Everything is fine, I’m here for you” Liam pulled me into a hug and says

“You go on tour next week” I replied

“It’s only going to me for a couple of weeks.” Liam replies


I fell asleep on Liam’s shoulder, then Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall comes over and Louis starts yelling.

“Shhh” Liam looks at Louis and says and points to me

“Oh sorry, how is she?” Louis replies

“Not good, she couldn’t get to sleep last night, the crash is still in her head, and every time she sees a car she freezes up.” Liam replies

 Liam shuffles and picks me up and takes me up to a room so I can rest, just as Liam was walking out of the room I woke up and screamed.

“Are you okay” Liam comes over to me and says

I shake my head and he sits down beside me and hugs me.

“I had the same dream, Liam can I please have a glass of water?” I replied

“Sure be right back” Liam gets up says

Liam goes down and grabs me a glass of water, Liam leaves it on the bedside table, as Liam leaves.

“Love you” I said

“Love you too; I’m glad you are awake” Liam replies

 “Me too.” I replied

I could hear the boys downstairs so I decided to go down and join them, I grabbed a blanket off the bed and wrapped it around myself, as I walked into the living room Louis and Niall wouldn’t stop looking at me.

“Is there something on my face?” I said to them two

“You have the most beautiful eyes” Louis replies

“Lou you have a girlfriend” Liam replies

“That doesn’t mean I can give a girl a complement” Louis replies

“Theresa is hands off” Liam looks at the guys and says


“I can look after myself thank you” I looked at Liam and said

“You just woke up from a coma you’ve been in for 2 years and just came out this morning” Liam replies.

“Going for a run, then going to the park to practice” I got up and said to the boys 

I went up to my room and got changed and got my ipod and went for a run.

“What does she mean?” Zayn looks at Liam and says

“Theresa’s a sporty girl she plays hockey, football, netball and beach volleyball.” Liam replies 

“Wow, I never knew a girl that could do all those sports at once” Zayn replies

“That’s the one and only Theresa my sister” Liam replies

Liam got a text for our mum and it said “Your dad is coming next week to see Theresa

Don’t let him” Liam texts back
Don’t hate your father he did what he thought was better for the family” mum texts back
What leaving us at our breaking point because he didn’t want to see his little girl in a coma” Liam replies

“Mate what’s the matter?” Niall looks at Liam and says

“Our dad is coming from the States to see Theresa next week” Liam replied

“Can’t you stop him?” Louis replied

“Apparently no, once my dad makes up his mind there’s no stopping him” Liam replied

“Are you going to tell Theresa?” Harry replied

"I have to, she doesn’t even know that he left her lying in that bed and went to the States and never bothered to call or see how she was.” Liam replies

While on my run my phone started to ring. I took it out of my pocket and it was Liam.

I need to talk to you, where can we meet?” Liam replied

I’m almost at the park, so meet me at the football oval” I replied

After the talk I hung up and kept on running.

“I’m going to meet Theresa, you can stay here while I’m out” Liam replied

“That’s really kind of you” Louis replied cheekily

Liam got his keys and drove to the park, he parked the car and saw me practicing my kicking, Liam comes over.

“Can we sit somewhere?” Liam replied

“Sure” I replied

So we found a bench to sit on.

“I don’t know how to tell you” Liam replied

“Tell me what?” I asked

“Do you know why dad hasn’t come to see you?” Liam asked

“I didn’t know he hasn’t” I replied kind of sad

You see my dad and I were like buddies we did everything together like football and hockey.

“The reason is...because he left for the states” Liam replied

“Why?” trying to bad the tears

“He couldn’t handle to see his baby girl lying in at hospital bed, he couldn’t handle it” Liam replies

“Why are you telling me now?” I replied trying not to sound pissed off

“He wants to see you next week” Liam replied putting a hand on my shoulder

“I haven’t seen him since it happened” I replied cooling off

“I know, so what do you want to do?” Liam replied

“I’d like to see him, besides he can explain it to me, I know you already have but I want to hear it from him” I replied

“If you want me to come home from the tour just say so” Liam replied looking down at his feet

I moved over and grabbed his hands.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry, do you want to play a game of football?”” I replied changing the subject

“Sure, I’ll go ring the guys” Liam replied getting out his phone

“Okay yeah sure” I replied

I really wanted to spend time with Liam alone without the guys around but oh well. Liam went to the call the other about playing some football.

“Yeah we would love to” all the boys say in sync.

“Cool meet us at the football oval in the park” Liam replied

So Liam got off the home and walks over to me.

“How do you want to do this?” Liam replied

“I was thinking taking all ou boys on at once, or one by one” I replied

“That’s not fair, you’ll kick our butts” Liam replied all happy

It’s good to see Liam happy I don’t like it when he’s upset or in a mad mood. 2 minutes later Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall came to the park.

“Okay so what are we doing this?” Zayn replied

“How about I take all you boys on at once” I replied smirking

“I am not playing against a girl” Louis replied

“What are you too chicken to go up against a girl?” I replied laughing

“I am not chicken” Louis replied

“Or  we could do one on one” I replied

The boys all huddled.

“Okay, we will all take you on at once, I’m doing an apology now so we don’t have to do it when we beat you” Harry replied

“In your dream buddy” I replied smiling

I like a good hard game I always have.

“Just take it easy” Liam replied

“Yes I’ll take it easy” I replied

He spoils all my fun but I have to admit he cares and doesn’t like t see me hurt.

So it was game time me against Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall.

“First one to 10 wins” I said to the boys

The boys all nodded and so the game begins, I got the ball and Zayn was the goal keeper, I zoomed past Liam, then Harry and kicked it into the goal.

“Point one to me” I replied rubbing it in

“Man she’s good construing she just came out of hospital this morning.” Zayn replied

“Nothing will slow this girl down, I remember when she hurt her ankle real bad and couldn’t do any sports, she got up on the second day of her injury and trained her butt off.” Liam replied remembering that day.

 So after round three I was on 3 and the boys still had 0.

“Looks this is what I’ll d, I’ll take it easy on you guys” I replied semi laughing

“Gee thanks Theresa” Louis replies sarcastically

“Anytime” I replied cheekily

So we were off on the 4th round but they switched goalies now Liam was the goalie, I had the ball and kicked it into the goal and scored another point.

“Theresa the boys and I need a break, can we stop for a few minutes” Liam replied puffing

So the boys stopped and went to get a drink of water, while I kicked the ball around for a little bit.

“Man we are getting beaten by a girl, hey Liam what’s up” Harry replied

“Theresa’s going to meet up with our father next week and I don’t want her to get hurt” Liam sighed

 “She’s a tuff girl she can look after herself” Niall adds in

The boys came back to the oval and saw me kicking the ball.

“She’s leading by 4 we can easily beat Theresa” Zayn replied

“You’re kidding me aren’t you, look before the accident she was playing against all the top football players in country and won all the games.” Liam explained to the boys

The boys’ eyes widened as they walked back and started playing football again. After round 8 I was on 7 and the boys were on 1.

“I told you I’d let you win 1” I replied happily

At the end of the game I won 8 games to 2.

“Your sister kicked our butts” Louis replies

“And it was worth it” I replied laughing

All of us walked back to the cars and saw I was about to put my hand on the car door I froze.

“Theresa....Theresa....Theresa....” Liam says turning to face me

 The boys looked at Liam, Liam comes over to me and shakes me to try and snap me out of it.

“Theresa....Theresa....Theresa....” Louis replied

But still nothing, Liam was still shaking me to snap out of it.

“Theresa....Theresa....Theresa....” Niall said

Liam gets really worried.

“Theresa....” Liam replied worried

Just as he was going to call me name again I snapped out of it.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I replied

Liam hugs me really tight.

“Thank god” Liam said

“What?” I replied of what just happened

“You froze up again” Liam replies breaking from the hug

“You okay Theresa” Zayn replied

“Yeah I think so” I replied still trying to work it out

I got into the car, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall got into Louis’ car while Liam got into his and went back to the apartment, when we got back to the apartment Liam made some dinner while I went for a shower to cool off from all the running and for kicking the guys butts, yes I like to keep on saying it knowing a girl that came out of hospital today from being in a coma for 2 years kicked 5 famous boys butts in football. When I came out of the bathroom, I went down to the kitchen to have something to eat.

“Could I sleep with you tonight, just in case the nightmare comes back” I whispered into Liam’s ear.

“Sure” Liam replied

I stood up and hugged Liam.

“Thanks I love you” I replied

“Love you too” Liam replied kissing my forehead

I went up to my room and put on my pjs; I walked into Liam’s room and went to sleep. About half an hour later the boys left for their own apartments so Liam came into his and fell asleep; Liam grabbed me and hugged me.

“Nothing is going to happen to you now I’m here” Liam replied into my ear

“Thanks” I replied

Just as I was falling asleep the nightmare came back, Liam woke up and saw me crying.

“It’s okay, I’m right here” Liam said while trying to get me to fall back to sleep.

“I’m sorry I’m such a baby” I replied

“No you’re not, you came out of a coma these things happen, give it a week or so and you’ll be back to yourself.” Liam replied still hugging me

“Do you really think so?” I replied turning to face Liam

“Look if you don’t want me to go on tour next week, I don’t have to” Liam replied nodding

“Don’t be silly, you should go, and it’s what only a couple of weeks” I replied

“And I’ll have my phone on me if you need to talk” Liam replied

“I’ll be fine and I’ve got mum here as well” I replied

Liam kissed my forehead and fell back to sleep, while I just lay in Liam’s arms thinking about the accident.


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