Love at first sight (Niall Horan Love Story)

Theresa Payne has been in a coma for 2 years, when she finally wakes up, a sweet, caring Irish lad falls in love with her, does she feel the same way?????


4. Chapter 2

The next day Liam hardly slept a wink last night he was thinking of me, Liam got up and went to the fridge o get a drink of orange juice, Louis and Niall woke up and saw Liam in the kitchen.

“What’s Theresa like?” Niall says to Liam

“Theresa’s smart, funny, she was doing her HRC in nursing before the accident, Theresa’s a sporty type of girl she plays: Hockey, Football (Soccer), Netball and Beach Volleyball” Liam replies

“Wow she’s fit, how does she deal with all this stuff?” Niall replies

“To Theresa it’s a piece of cake, beach volleyball on Saturdays, Netball on Monday, Hockey on Wednesdays and Football on Sundays” Liam replies

“She must be really tired” Louis replies

“Nope, Theresa’s up at around 5:30 basically every morning training and if she’s not training she’s either on her run or doing her studies.” Liam replies, Niall and Louis were amazed that I did all this.

“When Theresa wakes up are you going to let Theresa stay with you?” Louis replies

“Sure am, our dad left for the States 2 years ago, and mum hasn’t been herself since the accident and when dad left. Anyways who wants breakfast?” Liam replies Niall’s eyes light up.

“I’ll go to maccs; does Harry and Zayn want anything?” Liam says, Louis shrugs and went upstairs

“Liam’s going to maccs do you guys want anything?” says through the door to Harry and Zayn

“Sure” Harry moans while Zayn was still asleep.

“Harry says yes and Zayn dips out” Louis says walking back down to Liam and Niall.

 So Liam went to get breakfast, While Harry, Louis and Niall sat in Living room Louis sees a picture of Theresa and Liam together.

“No girl deserves to be in a coma not even a beautiful sporty girl like Theresa” Louis says to Niall.

“I actually feel sorry for Liam, he lost his dad, he almost lost his sister and he’s only got his mum to look up to.” Niall replies


Liam came back with maccs and Niall gets up and runs and grabs the bag and started to eat.

“Are you going to see Theresa?” Harry says to Liam

“I always do, but yes” Liam replies

“What about me?” Zayn finally comes down and says 

“I did ask you but you were in a heavy sleep” Louis replies

“Don’t worry I figured you say that, so here is yours, you and Harry need to get dressed because we are going to visit Theresa.” Liam replies getting out Zayn’s breakfast.

Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall went to the hospital to see me, when they walked into my ward Liam was leaning against the door frame, Harry and Louis went up to Liam.

“Theresa’s going to be alright mate” Louis says

 “Theresa’s been in that coma for 2 years; she missed her 18th because of the coma” Liam replies.

“You and Theresa are twins” Harry replies

“Yeah but I’m older.” Liam nods and says

Liam walked over to my side and sat down on a chair and grabbed my hand.

“Everything is going to be fine, I’m here, mum’s here you don’t have to worry anymore” Liam says.

When Liam finished I squeezed his hand and he smiled, Liam looks at the others.

“Did I see what I think I saw?” Louis says

“I saw it too” Liam replies.

“We’re going to get Niall something to eat” Harry replies

“Finally.” Niall replies

So Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall went to get some food and drinks. While they were out I stared to wake up Liam called for some doctors, 3 came in and I started to open my eyes.

“Hi I’m Dr Harper, you’ve got a tube down your throat we need to get it out, what I want you to do is give me a big cough” one of the says.

So I gathered all my strength and gave a big cough.

“Can you give me your full name?” Dr Summers says

“Theresa Shaylen Payne” I replied

“I don’t think there’s any brain damage, how are you feeling?” Dr Summers replies

“A little weak” I replied

“That normally happens” Dr Summers replies

“When can she go home?” Liam replies to Dr Summers and Dr Harper

“Not for another week, we need to get her limbs working” Dr Harper replies.

“Okay thanks” I replied, the doctors walk out.

“I’ve missed you” Liam hugs me and said.

 “Not too hard.” I replied

“Sorry” Liam replies

“Don’t worry, by the way how did you go on the X factor?” I replied

“I got through two boot camps, but Simon Cowell put me and 4 other people to make us a group, we made it to the semi finals and came third” Liam replies

“I’m proud of you” I said hugging Liam back.

“It’s me that should be thanking you, for pushing me to go and try out” Liam replies

“I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to support you” I replied.

“It wasn’t you fault” Liam replies

“How are Ana, Cooper and sully?” I replied

“After the accident I haven’t seen them.” Liam replies

Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall came back to the hospital and saw that I was awake.

“Theresa this is Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan they are my bandmates” Liam replies

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you” I replied

“These are some menus for what you want to have to eat, just fill them about and I’ll come back and grab them off you later” Dr Harper comes back in and says

“When are you allowed o leave the hospital?” Zayn asked me.

“Next week” I replied

“That’s when we go on tour” Harry replies

"You didn’t tell me you were going on tour” hitting Liam in the arm

“I was getting around to it” Liam rubs his arm and replies.

“Does mum know I’m awake?” I replied

“I don’t think so” Liam replies

I filled out he sheets and I was having for Lunch I was having hot chips with gravy and a coke and for dinner I was having Veal Hawaiian schnitzel with vegs and a Jelly cup, then left them on the table.

“I’m going to get something to eat” Liam says to me

“Okay I’ll see you later” I replied nodding

Liam kissed my forehead and the guys followed Liam to the cafe.

“I’m coming back so we can get started on you walking” The doctor came back and says.

I nodded and the doctor gave the cafeteria my order then came back, got me out of bed and I started to walk. I walked all the way down the hallway.

“How come you can walk this good after 2 years in a coma?”Dr Harper replies

“I love to do sports” I replied

“I see, well then if you can walk this good I say you can go home tomorrow.” Doctor Harper replies.

Then I went back to my ward, mum comes in and starts crying.

“Don’t start” I said to mum

“These are happy tears okay” mum replies hugging me

“Easy” I said

 “When do you get out?” mum replies

“I was supposed to get out next week, but since I can walk I can go home tomorrow” I replied 

“Has Liam told you?” mum replies

“Told me what?” I said with a confused look on my face

 “Liam asked me if it was alright if you come and stay with him in his apartment” mum replied smiling.

“And you said?” I replied

“It’s okay with me” mum replies as I hugged her

“Thanks mum, did you know that they are going on our next week” I said

“I did, you will be fine, I’m just a phone call away.” mum replies.

“I know” I replied nodding. Then Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall came back.

“Guess what?” mum says to the boys

“What?” Liam replies happy

“Since Theresa can walk she gets to come out tomorrow” mum replies

“That’s great news” Louis replies

“It truly is,” Liam nods and replies

My lunch came in and it looked alright to eat I don’t look half bad (I don’t really like hospital food).

“Are you going to eat that” Niall saw the jelly cup and asked me nicely.

“You can have it, I’m not that hungry anyways” I replied

“Thanks.” Niall replies

At 4 the doctor Harper told everyone that visiting overs were over so I could get my rest.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Liam kisses my forehead and said.

I nodded and hugged Liam, mum kisses me and then they left, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall went back to Liam’s apartment again for the night.

“I’m real glad that Theresa is awake” Niall says to Liam.

Mum rang up dad and told him that I was awake from the coma.

“I’ll come down to the UK later next week to see her” dad replies

“She’s living with Liam.” mum replies

My dinner came and it was veal Hawaiian schnitzel, after dinner I went straight to sleep but couldn’t, the crash was running through my mind.


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