Love at first sight (Niall Horan Love Story)

Theresa Payne has been in a coma for 2 years, when she finally wakes up, a sweet, caring Irish lad falls in love with her, does she feel the same way?????


3. chapter 1

A day later....I was still in a coma from that day, Liam and his bandmates Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall came to visit me in the hospital. Liam sarted to talk to me, just as he was getting up, the machine started beeping. Liam yelled for some doctors, when they came in they didn’t like it at all one of them.

“We are losing her” said one of the doctors

 “Not on my watch” Dr Harper replies

 “What’s happening?” Liam replies to the doctors

“Her heart’s failing” Dr Harper replies

“She’s going to be alright though” Liam replies with tears in his eyes

“We will try our best” Dr Harper replies

“What’s happening?”Our mum Karen comes in asking.

“Theresa’s heart is failing.” Liam replies wiping his eyes

“Are you serious?” Mum replies

Liam nods his head and hugs our mum, the doctors come out.

“She’s stable for now, but we need o keep an eye on her.” Dr Harper says

So Liam and mum walk into my room and sat down either side of the bed.

“The guys and I are going to get something to eat” Liam says to mum

“Finally, I’ve been starving for half an hour” Niall replies

“You ate breakfast 20 minutes ago” Louis replies

“Go I’ll be okay” mum says to Liam

“She will be okay mum” Liam replies trying to sweeten the mood

“I know” Laura replies.

So Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall went across the road to a cafe and go something to eat.

“Oh man” Liam sits in a booth and says, the others sat down.

“From what you told us Theresa seems to be a strong minded girl” Louis says.

“Theresa is my best friend; she doesn’t deserve to be in that coma” Liam replies.

“How long has she been in that coma?” Harry replies. 

“2 years ever since a car ran a stop light, her friends were in that car to but they only had a few broken bones” Liam replies without trying to cry.

“How did they escape that easily?” Zayn replies.

 “No one knows” Liam replies.

When they got back to the hospital Liam looks at mum and mum shakes her head, a nurse comes in and does some tests on me.

“When will she be awake?” mum asks the nurse

“I’m not too sure her brain is badly bruised so it could take a while” the nurse replies

“Is it alright if we say over tonight” Louis says to Liam

“Sure you guys are welcome anytime” Liam replies

“I’ve heard if you talk o a coma patient they will come out of the coma” the nurse replies then leaves.

“It’s worth a shot, what do we have left to lose” Liam replies

“I’m going to get something to eat” Mum gets up and hugs Liam and says.

Liam nods and Liam walks into the room and sits down on a chair and starts to talk to me. An hour later Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry left the hospital and went to Liam’s apartment.

“Did you know that the accident that caused Theresa to be in a coma was a week before my X factor audition” Liam says to the guys

“Mate we had no idea” Zayn replies

“She was so excited that I was auditioning she was the one that pushed me to do this, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have met you 4.” Liam replies Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall hugged Liam.

“Have her friends gone to see her?” Louis says

“After the car accident I don’t think so” Liam replies

“We should do see them and see why they haven’t seen Theresa” Harry replies.

“Who cares if they didn’t go see her, what makes you so sure that they will now” Liam replies, it was getting late so Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall went to bed.

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