Love at first sight (Niall Horan Love Story)

Theresa Payne has been in a coma for 2 years, when she finally wakes up, a sweet, caring Irish lad falls in love with her, does she feel the same way?????


2. 2 years ago

Theresa's POV

I woke up at around 9, I'm so excited, next week my brother Liam is going to try out for the X factor again. I'm so proud of him. I had a quick shower and got ready for a day out. I came into the kitchen and saw mum, dad, Ruth, Nicloa and Liam having breakfast.

"Going to pick up Ana, Sully and Cooper, then going to a friend's house" I replied

"Okay sweetie be careful" mum replied

"Always am" I reply

I got in my car and drove to Ana's housr first. I honked the horn, Ana came out. Ana waved and got in the front.

"Where to next?" Ana asked

"Um Cooper's then Sully's, and then to Nathaniel's, where everyone else will be" I replied

I reserved out of Ana's driveway and drove to Cooper's. I saw Cooper waiting out the front. Cooper hopped in.

"You guys seriously need to get your own license" I chuckled

"Well I can't not until next month" Ana replies

I drove to Sully's house. I honked the horn. Sully came out and slid into the car.

"Already?" I asked

"All set, let's go" Sully replies

I had a feeling Liam was going to call. It's a twin thing I think.

"Ana could you get my phone out of my bag please" I asked

"Why should I?" Ana snapped

"What's got into your pants?" I asked

"Nothing" Ana snapped again.

"I'm asking you once again, can you please get my phone out of my bag" I snapped

"NO" Ana yelled

"You know what Ana, I shouldn't have agreed to take you with me. I could have let you find your own way there" I snapped once again.

"I couldn't have agreed more" Ana replies

"Girls that's enough" Cooper replies

"Shut it Cooper" Ana snapped

"You know what, once I dropped you off, I'm leaving, you can find your own way home" I replied

We stopped at a red light. Our light was green, I proceeded to go. Then out of nowhere a car runs a red light and hits us head on. My phone was ringing as I thought it would be Liam. I couldn't grip the steering wheel because my car was doing  360s. Once my stopped, I'm left unconscious. While the other car drives off. Other cars stopped and to see if we were okay. Other people were trying to call for help. The paramedics came to the scene and took me to hospital. I went straight into surgery.

"Hello is this Mr and Mrs Payne?" the doctor asked
"Yes this is Karen Payne" mum replies
"I'm sorry to say that your daughter Theresa was involved in a car crash" he replies
"Oh god is she okay?" mum cried
"We don't know yet, the surgens ar in theatre with Theresa now" he replies
"Alright I'll be down shortly" mum croaks

Mum hangs up and turns to the others.

"Mum what's wrong?" Liam asked

"T.Theresa was in an accident" mum croaks

"Is she okay?" Nicola replies with a tear running down her cheek.

"They had to rush her into surgery" mum cries into dad's shoulder.

"What about Ana, Cooper and Sully?" Liam asks trying to be brave.

"I didn't ask" mum replies

They got into the car and drove off to the hospital.

"Hi we're here to see Theresa Payne" mum replies

"I'm sorry, she's still in surgery" the receptionist replies

"What about Ana Smith, Cooper Mitchel and Sully Thomas?" mum replies

"Um no one of those names were admitted, maybe the weren't involved in the accident. You can wait in the waiting room over there" she replies pointing to the seats.

They walked over and sat down. 6 hours later a doctor finally comes out.

"Anyone here for Miss Payne?" he asks

"We are" dad replies

They stood up and walked over.

"How is she?" Ruth asked

"Not good I'm afraid. She has a broken left arm, a broken right ankle, her left leg is also broken and 4 cracked ribs. And I'm sorry to say this, but she's in a coma. And it could last up to a year or 2" the doctor replies

That was the last straw, Liam broke down. His other half was in a coma. May or may not survive.

"Can we see her?" Nicola replies

"Sure, just down the hall last door on your right" the doctor replies walking off

Liam, mum, dad, Ruth and Nicola walked down and stopped outside. One look and dad couldn't handle it.

"I can't do this" dad replies

"What?" mum asked

"This, seeing my baby girl, hooked up to a life support machine, just to try and keep her alive" dad replies walking off.

"Where are you going?" Liam shouts

"Away from here" dad replies

Dad goes home, packs his bags and leaves for the airport.

"Is there a flight that leaves for America today?" dad asked

"Yes in about half an hour" she replies

"Okay, I'll have one, one way ticket please" dad replies

She hands him the ticket and leaves for America.

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