Skin Deep

An obsessed man follows a woman around and finally decides to greet her.


2. Welcome Home


 I sat on the bench she sat at every day to watch the children. All I have to do is wait. When she gets here I will casually work up a conversation and ask her name. My heart is racing. I am so nervous that my body won’t stop shaking. My palms keep sweating to the point where my mittens are soaked. Ah! Here she comes. Just as I expected she sat the same bench as me, a seat away.

                “How nice it must be to be young and without worry.” I said hoping to strike a conversation.

 She appeared to be in a trance as she watched the children frolic about.

“Yes, they are lovely aren’t they?” she said with a voice so soft it sent chills down my spine.

 “Such innocent faces with smiles so pure!”

Here’s my chance!

“Mind if I ask your name?” I asked.

Silence formed between us like a thick invisible wall. She was quiet and worries fluttered in my mind. Is she mad? Why hasn’t she said anything? Do I look that untrustworthy? Then I suddenly heard,

 “Mary. My name is Mary.”

Mary! Oh the name echo’s through my soul.

“What a beautiful name. Your parents took care to give you a name.” I said trying to contain my excitement.

“My name is John. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mary.” Her name rolled off the tip of my tongue.

Saying her name invigorated me. I could feel myself glowing.

“Mary. Would you like to have lunch with me?”

She finally took her eyes off the children and looked straight into my eyes. Her crystal green eyes shined in the sun with her golden hair. It was a sight to behold. I felt my face warm up. Then she gave me a soft smile. Even though the weather was a brutal cold I felt like I was set ablaze.

“I would love to John.”

We found ourselves walking to her pretzel vendor. While we ordered a few pretzels the owner greeted Mary, and then looked at me hard.

“Have I seen you before?” he asked me.

I followed Mary here many times; he must have seen me quite a few times. I was careless!

“I do walk by here quite a bit. You probably have seen me. People say I have a very memorable face.” I tried to sound a genuine as possible.

He laughed a deep laugh and responded,” Well I guess I can see that. You take care of my little Mary here alright?”

“Rest assured she is in good hands.” I told him with a smile as me and Mary walked away.

That was close.

We ate as we walked through the humble town. People shuffled to get inside the warm stores to take refuge from the cold. As we walked Mary asked,

” I live nearby, would you like to visit my home?”

I nearly choked on my last inhale. I can finally go inside the house I looked into so much? This is a dream!

“I would be delighted to see your home.”

                She led the way to her house but I more than knew the way there. I even knew shortcuts she didn’t and almost told her about it. When we finally got there she opened the oak door and alas! I was finally here. The red brick fireplace to my right, the round dining room table to my left just the way I saw it outside the window. I also saw the door next to the fireplace, the room she would go to for a while. The wooden floor creaked beneath my feet.

“Make yourself at home.” She said as she went to the kitchen.

Something is off. I thought to myself. I just met her today yet I’m in her house. No matter this is what I have been waiting for. She came back with some hot coffee. It was completely black. I took a sip and the bitterness invaded my mouth. I tried not to cringe.

“Thank you.”

                We both sat on the couch near the fireplace. We talked for what seemed like an hour when my head started to spin.

“I’m, sorry... I am feeling a bit…Disoriented.” My words came out slurred.

What’s going on? I thought.

I looked at her and she smiled. This was not her nice smile though. This one felt wrong.

“You bitch.” I mumbled.

I saw her walk over to the door next to the fireplace. She opened the door and what I saw inside sobered me. I saw what looked like a fetus in a jar, sitting on top of a table. Around the table were bodies of men piled around. Most were rotting while others were just skeletons. She reached for a machete that hung on the wall. I knew what was to happen if I stayed here. I forced myself to stand up and make a run for the door. But I was so dizzy that I just fell to the floor. I could hear her footsteps nearing me. I crawled to the door until I heard her say,

” You’re no different.”

 I turned my head to see her right over me. I’m so scared. What do I do? I had barely any strength to fight back. She raised the machete and brought it down in a fast swipe. I tried to move but she struck the machete into my left shoulder. The pain was so immense that I cried out in pain. The ligaments, the muscle the bone, everything was messed up and I couldn’t move my right arm. She ripped the machete back out along with some of my muscle. I am in so much pain. Make it stop. Make it stop. She raised the now bloody machete over her head for another swing. I felt adrenaline course through my veins and quickly raised my right hand to try and stop the machete.  It cut my hand right in half and the machete embedded itself in-between my eyes. I suddenly felt nothing. The world around me drifted in two directions. Mary was splitting in to. The walls the fireplace, everything was splitting. Everything turned red before fading to black. I then heard her whisper,

“Welcome home.”

Everything went silent. 

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