Skin Deep

An obsessed man follows a woman around and finally decides to greet her.


1. From Afar


As I gazed upon her fragile body I couldn’t help but wonder what reality had done to her. Time had worn on her yet she still held a soft smile and easy eyes.  She seemed weak and defenseless yet elegant and beautiful.  She could be described as a thorn less rose. A flurry of snow blew behind me causing my coat to flutter in the wind. The harsh winds sent snow around me in a frenzy. The blizzard was getting worse. I will have to take refuge in a hotel today since my house is too far. I glanced through the window one more time at my frail beauty before I left. I will have you someday.

                She wakes up just before the sun rises every morning. She likes to see the light flood the town and bring it to life. She loves watching the children play at the park in the afternoon. Though she loves it, she seems somewhat sad while watching them. She lives alone ever since her husband left her after her miscarriage. After watching them she would stop by the same pretzel vendor and chat with the owner. I was usually within earshot of their conversations. They talked about nothing special really.  The man at the vendor was of no threat to me. Eventually she would make her way home and go into a room where she was out of sight from the front window. Some time passes before she returns to the living room to light a fire in the fireplace and sit at the couch.  Here she would relax on the couch and close her eyes. This is the time where I can let my gaze fall on her small figure. I can admire her without fear of being seen. I know a lot about her, like her love for cooking and her hatred for dogs. Yet I don’t know her name. I will ask her. Tomorrow I will definitely ask her.


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