First Bite in One Direction

This is about these 3 fans that are vampires they meet one direction and everyones world turns upside down


2. Please Don't Tell.

Ty's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Dani's and Mandy's voice yelling at each other.

What do you mean calm down, there is something completely wrong with Ty ,there is something she won't tell  us I just know it. Dani says. 

What do you mean there is something wrong with me? I asked walking out the tent.

Tell us the truth Ty what happened last night and don't tell me that lie you told me last night. Dani said

Okay but promise to tell no soul ever about this not even a ghost here!!Do you understand? I told/asked

Then they both promised. 

Okay last night I was looking for a worker and I heard someone following me I told them to back off, then he just came up and bit my neck and I was bleeding like crazy when he told me I was a vampire. I said'

WHAT!! They both yelled.

Yea and I have coolers filled with blood packets.

Wait so our best friend's a vampire now?..? Mandy said

Yep I said with a innocent smile.

Okay you have to bite me now. Dani said

What! Are you serious?? Why? I asked

1.I have always wanted to be a vamp. 2. I don't want you to kill me. 3.Your my best friend lets do this together.

You sure? I asked

Yep. she said with a nod.

Okay 1-2-3. I said then sunk my teeth into her neck.

Okay so now my two best friends are vamps okay is this a dream or am I just going CRAZY?? Mandy said

No we are vamps your turn? I asked with a bloody smile.

Okay fine but... No I can't I'm sorry. Mandy said

Come on. Dani said then she bit Mandy.

Dani's P.O.V

I was so happy to be a vamp with my two bestfriends.

You stupid bitch, your just gonna eat me like that. Mandy screams

Chill it we are all okay. I say


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