First Bite in One Direction

This is about these 3 fans that are vampires they meet one direction and everyones world turns upside down


1. Camp Time? Or Worse

"Happy Birthday My Love!!" Mandy (Amanda) and Ty (Tyler) scream as Dani (Danielle) comes down the stairs. "O my Niall I forgot it's my birthday I'm 18 now, thanks guys!!" Dani says. You know today is the day of- Mandy gets cut off when Ty and Dani scream "CAMPING!!". They all loved camping especially Dani, all the girls packed the day before and everything was in the car, so they all ran to the car and hopped in. Dani started the car and started driving, "Turn on the radio" Ty yells and turns on WMYB followed by LWWY. The 3 girls sing along to the songs, then they turned the radio off when they got to the campsite. The girl were going to a camp called "Hollows Ghost and Mighty Spirits Camp For The Brave" they all walked in through the gates where they heard screaming. Okay here we go Dani says, they all walk to they're camping spot and they set they're tent up. Hi guys welcome to "Hollows Ghost and Mighty Spirits Camp For The Brave" are you scared yet, don't make enemies with the workers or you will be in for a treat. Some lady with blond hair ,red eyes and you could kind of see that she had were wolf teeth was talking to us.

Mandy's P.O.V

This place was really scary, you could here people screaming and everything but where not scared, Yet!. Hey Dani scared yet?? I ask. In your dreams Mandy this is just the beginning of being an adult first thing first braven up, Lets go get some food now. Dani Says. I'll go find a worker so I'll be back, Ty says.

Ty's P.O.V 

As I'm walking I hear footsteps following me, who's there I ask. There was no response so I turned around and asked this boy who was following me to stop. I wasn't , he said. Then what do you call it stalking a girl in front of you but not following, I said. No I call it stalking my food for lunch, he said. What is that supposed to mean, I say while walking backwards really fast with my eyes still on him.He was lighting speed, he grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream.I was kicking and scratching trying to keep him from killing me and right at that moment I felt sharp teeth sink into my neck.When he let go I fell to the ground getting dizzy from the blood loss, you'll be fine now what is your name o and you are one lucky girl be happy I didn't kill you, the boy said. Wait how will I be fine when you bit my neck I won't be fine, I said as I tried to stay as calm as I could while I was dialing Dani's phone.

Mandy's P.O.V

I started to wonder where Ty has gone, she's been gone for like a half hour. Dani's phone started ringing and it was Ty , Dani answered and said hey love bug where are you, there was no response but we heard something in the background. It was a males voice and it was saying easy feel your neck, then we heard Ty's voice how'd it disappear that fast. I'll tell you once you hang the phone up, the males voice said, then the phone went silent she hung up.Dani where do you think she is? I asked. I don't know but we have to find her. Dani said back.

Ty's P.O.V

Wait so your saying I'm a vampire now? I asked. Yes and I'm your vampire mentor Dylan. Why would you bite me ,now this is gonna change my life and my friends will probably leave me.I said. Then don't tell them, here have this blood packet your weak.  Well no way you took half my blood and I have to tell my friends. Okay then you'll lose me and your friends, keep this cooler with you its 100 blood packets for when your hungry and thirsty, I have to go. And with that he was gone, as I was getting up I seen Mandy and Dani come in.

Dani's P.O.V

O my Tyler, where the hell have you've been? I asked. Yea we were extremely worried Love, Mandy said. I was looking for a worker, calm down I'm fine. No your not you have blood on you lip, Mandy said. What the hell is wrong with you, you want me to calm down you went missing and we find you beat up looking and all you can say is I'm fine, gosh you couldn't even call us and talk to us and tell us we were worried sick, I yelled as I was walking to her to hug her. Sorry guys I bit my lip and it started bleeding so I wiped with my arm, then I itched my neck so it had blood on me and that's what me and the boy was talking about. Ty said.

A/V Hope you like it so far but if not leave ideas and I'll post new chapters when I can and remember to keep reading if you like it. XOXO, Yoshii<3/Ciana

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