Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


18. Why did I do that?


Rosalie's P.O.V.

Tom took my hand as we walked slowly in the dark. It was nearly midnight and we had gone around the little forest the whole day.

Suddenly I heard something coming from the bushes. "Tom!" I whispered, hugging him. "Shush, it's nothing, don't worry." I stayed with my arms around him for a while, until I saw the thing that made the sound was a cat. "See?" Tom whispered and kissed my cheek. "You're silly!" I said punching his arm playfully. He giggled and took my hand again. 

The only things I could hear now were our breaths and our feet walking on the ground. I started questioning myself... Should I ask? Maybe not, it wasn't the right time. Or... "Tom," I stopped walking, "Are you okay with me dating Harry?"

He stood still for a while, I could hear him sight heavily and then he brought me close, with his arms around me. "You know I love you, Ro. And, I don't know, he seems like a good guy, and if he makes you happy... I guess I'm happy too." He kissed my forehead and looked at me.


It was really hard to see his face, as there was only a little moonlight above us, but his voice sounded a bit, I'm not sure, maybe ironic? But he was never that way, so... Was he jealous? He couldn't. Tom was my best friend; of course I loved him, I really did, but he didn't think about me as more than that, or did he?


"Are you...?" I started. "Jealous?" he continued, I nodded, "I'm not sure... But," he took a deep breath, "I just feel like he's taking the place I used to have in your life." No, Tom should never think that! "Don't say that, Tom-Tom! I love you. You and Harry are the most important persons in my life!" He pulled me even closer, and I rested my head on his chest. "But you don't love me the same way you love him, Rosalie."

But I did! Wait, did I? Harry was my boyfriend, he had helped me and gave me all his love and... Tom. He was the reason I was alive right now, I could've died if he didn't take me to the hospital, or stopped me every time I tried to... Suicide.


"Yes, I do." He looked at me with a growing grin on his face. "But... He's my boyfriend, Tom. It's different," I whispered. He shook his head, "Didn't you ever love me... That way?" What was I supposed to answer? Because the truth is... I did. "Ro, admit it. We both know we thought we would be together the next time we met." Yes, I knew. I had always thought Tom would become my boyfriend in the future, because no one was as understanding or caring as he was with me. He loved me and I loved him, we would end up dating if we ever met again, for sure.


"Yes." Tom nodded and smiled. "I love you," I said looking into his eyes. He got closer to me, "I love you, too," he whispered against my lips. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. He kissed me back, the kiss grew stronger and faster, our tongues moving quickly, desperately.


He lifted me up with his hands on my tights, my legs around his waist. Our breaths got faster and faster, "I love you," he mumbled. I kissed him again, I didn't realize I needed it until his lips touched mine.


He slowly put me down, we were still kissing. When we finally stopped we stayed with our eyes closed, our foreheads against each other's. I'm so sorry," he said. Sorry. He was sorry... For kissing me. I kissed him. And this time it wasn't just an innocent little peck, it was... Snogging? So why didn't I feel sorry? I opened my eyes and saw his.


He wrinkled his forehead and looked at me. "I'm not," I whispered. He smirked a little, then frowned, confused. His arms were still around my waist and mine around his neck. "This isn't okay," he replied, looking down, "It's cheating."


He was right. I loved Harry, and we were together right now. Why did I do that? I pulled my arms off Tom's neck and looked away. The guilt grew bigger and bigger in my chest, Harry was too important to me. Tom kissed my cheek, "Don't worry, this was the first and last time," he giggled, I smiled a little, “Yesterday doesn't count."

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