Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


14. Welcome


Tom's P.O.V.

I inhaled the fresh air as I got out of my car. I saw that big house Ro had described in front of me, I was so excited. I took my big suitcase out of the trunk and walked to the door.


I heard some little laughs inside and the sound of the TV. I took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Immediately I heard Ro squealing and she ran to the door. As she opened it I realized how beautiful she was now.


The last time I saw her, when she was 15, she was beautiful too, but now she was even prettier than before. God, those big green eyes, that smile, her tiny waist...


"Tom-Tom!!" she screamed giving me a huge hug. I lifted her up a few inches from the floor and kissed her cheek, "You gorgeous little angel!"


 She giggled and I let her down on the floor. Really, she was so sweet, I had missed her so much. "I can't believe you're actually here," she said smiling and taking my hand, "Come on inside!"


We walked into the living room and I saw four boys and two girls chatting and laughing. "These are some friends that came to welcome you," she whispered in my ear. They started approaching me with big grins on their faces. "This is Niall," she said pointing a blonde and blue-eyed guy who shook my hand friendly. "Hey," he said. "Hi, I'm Zayn," a dark-haired boy greeted me. "Hi Zayn," I said shaking his hand. "These are Liam and Louis" Ro gestured towards two brown haired boys, Louis had blue eyes and Liam's were light brown. They shook my hand, the two girls were whispering something about Ro and me, and something else I couldn't understand. "Hello, I'm Eleanor," a young girl with a big smile said before kissing my cheek. "And I'm Danielle," another girl smiled at me. And kissed my cheek.


They were both pretty and cheerful, I could guess for the little time I had been around them. "Nice to meet you. So you're Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor and Danielle," I said trying not to mix up the names. They nodded and the girls walked towards the guys, most precisely, Louis and Liam. I guessed they were together or something, by the way they looked at each other.


"So you're from Canada?" Niall asked me. "Yeah, Ontario," I nodded. "Cool, have you been to Holmes Chapel before?" said Liam. Ro looked at me, "Yes, twice, but the last time was like four years ago,"


I had come to visit my aunt, and that was when I met Rosalie's cousin.

We became best friends and kept in touch, so then he came and visited me when his whole family came to spend a summer near Ontario.



Rosalie's P.O.V.

It had been really hard to get Harry to be okay with Zayn coming. He forgave him, luckily. They were best friends with the rest of the boys, and I just wanted everything to be okay between them.


Then Harry offered to make something special, like a cake or cookies, for Tom. He was so sweet, he didn't even know him, and he would just do that because he was my friend. "If he's your friend, then he's mine too," he had said before.


We were all sitting in the living room, the boys and Tom got along really fast. I decided to go and check on Harry and see if he needed any help. "How is everything going, Hazza?" I said as I went through the door.


Harry turned and looked at me. He was wearing a blue apron covered in little dough stains, he looked so cute. "Almost ready, sweetheart," he walked up to me and gave me a little kiss on the lips, "Maybe just five more minutes," I smiled at him, and looked at the oven, "Chocolate chip cookies?" I asked. "Are you spying on me?" said Hazza, taking a step back. "No, there's something called smelling." I said taking a step forward, being next to him again. "I don't believe you!" said Harry, then he started tickling me.


"Harry!! Stop," I said, laughing. "Not until you admit it!" he said moving his fingers fast near my neck. "But I wasn't," I said trying to breathe normally,"-Okay yes I was spying on you!" Harry stopped tickling me; instead he gave me little kisses from my cheek to my collarbone. He drove me crazy, he just made my life prefect. No sadness, or crying, or emptiness, as long as we were together. I pressed my lips onto his and he kissed me back fast. Suddenly Harry's cell phone alarm started going off. He moved away and smiled, "Guess they're ready,"

I opened the door for him, as he was carrying the big tray with all the cookies. The ones on the top were decorated with sugar paint, and spelled 'Welcome Tom-Tom'. Everyone in the room turned to look at us.


"Wow," Tom whispered when he saw the cookies. Then he looked at Harry, a bit confused. Hazza left the cookies on the table and the guys came and grabbed one each, Tom was smiling, but looking at me, then at Harry, then at me again.


"So... Thank you," he said taking a cookie from the tray. "I'm Harry, by the way," Harry said. "Great" Tom said shaking his hand, "So you made this?" he asked taking a bite from a cookie. "Yep," Harry said nodding. Tom's smile grew bigger, "They're delicious. Chocolate chip, my favourite." Harry smiled at me and I smiled back.


Then everyone went to take a seat, leaving me and Tom alone. He took the rest of the cookies with him; he looked really happy. "So is any of this guys your boyfriend?" he joked. I nodded and he lifted up his eyebrows, "Who, may I know?" "Harry!" I said with a big grin in my face, I couldn't help but smile while thinking of him. "Well," he said taking another cookie, "You've made a great choice," he laughed and took a big bite.

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