Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


6. No.


When we finished having lunch, we sat on the couch in the living room and started watching a movie. I really wasn't paying attention to it, but I think it was about some girls that liked surfing and went to Africa or something. I was busy looking at Harry, and for the first half hour he didn't even realize. He put his arm around me, and looked at me in a flirtatious way, then bit his lip. As I didn't look away in a long time, Harry leaned closer. "You've been looking at me since the movie started" he said, I felt his breath on my lips "Is there something wrong?".


I needed to taste his lips once more, but my head just wouldn't let me do it. I knew I would feel bad again if I did, but he was so close to me...

He kissed me. I wasn't aware of what I was doing, I pushed Hazza and sat on top of him. He was holding me tight, maybe afraid I would move away. My hands were on his chest, under his shirt... 'Stop' I heard in my head, 'It's not right'. I took Harry's shirt off, then he bit my lip softly. He gave me little kisses from my cheek, across my neck, and to my collarbone. 'You're gonna regret this.'


Right, I was going to regret it, but I didn't care. Harry came back to my lips, pressing harder than before. I could feel his heartbeat, as fast as mine. He took my shirt off, we were both still in our swimsuits. 'No.' the thoughts again. 'Stop, right now. Stop.' I realized what was happening. What were we doing? No... I tried to move away from Harry, but his grip was too strong. "Harry" I whispered, he kissed me again. "Har-" he cut me off with another kiss. "Harry, no!" I almost shouted.


He looked at me confused, then pleading. Breathing fast, he tried to make me kiss him again. "Stop, now..." I whispered again. "Ro, please," he pressed his lips onto mine and I backed away. "Please..." he repeated and pulled me back, not caring about my efforts to get away. I tried to get up, he wouldn't stop, he held me really tight against his body. I was getting desperate, trying to pull out again and again. No! This wasn't right, the guilt came back, it felt too wrong.


No... "Harry STOP!" I screamed to the top of my lungs when I finally pulled way from him, letting out a sob. Harry released me with a strange look on his face. I sat up on the other side of the couch, away from him. A tear fell down my cheek, followed by some more. Harry looked really concerned, and tried to approach me. "Don't touch me" I said, holding my knees against my chest. Harry looked at me sadly, and rubbed my back, slower than ever, trying to make me feel better. "I'm sorry... Ro. So sorry..." his voice cracked up a little bit, and he looked at the floor. I felt bad, and now he felt bad too, this wasn't good for us both.


What if I hadn't stopped him?... I knew what would've happened, thinking about it made me cry harder. He had a girlfriend, and knowing that he was completely cheating on her wouldn't help me trust him in the future, and as I did nearly the same before... I just kept crying, thinking about every single thing that was wrong between us. Harry rubbing my back only made me feel more upset, so I stood up, grabbed my t-shirt from the floor and went to his room, not looking at him. I got dressed and came downstairs.


Harry looked at me worried. He walked towards me and tried to hug me, but I took a step back, looking at my feet. "I'm sorry." I looked at him, his expression turned from worried to miserable. There was a tear in his eye, but he wiped it away before it rolled down his cheek. This day had been too crazy, I needed to go home, apart from him for a while. I needed to think about what had happened, and what would happen next. I didn't want to be around him, some tears were about to escape my eyes. "Goodbye" I whispered walking to the door.


As I opened it Harry turned around. I got out and closed the door behind me. When I got inside the car, before I started it, I heard Harry call my name. I was about to cry... Why did he do that? This wasn't only guilt, he hadn't cared about what I had said, or what I wanted…

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