Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


4. Liam's gift



When we arrived I got out of the car followed by Harry, and we knocked on the door. "Hey guys!" Danielle smirked. She looked behind us and saw the car. "Oh Harry! It's amazing!" she whispered and hugged him. Then she giggled and covered her mouth. "I-I have to call Liam!" she said and run back inside. Harry smiled at me and I smiled back. "Liam!! Come, Harry and Ro are here." we heard Dani shout at him. She came out and stood next to us, helping cover the car.


Liam came walking slowly and smiled at us. "Hello!" he greeted us. Then he realized we were all biting our lips with too much excitement in our faces. Dani, Hazza and I looked at each other, Harry nodded and we all jumped screaming "Surprise!!!" at Liam's face. "Happy birthday, mate!" said Harry patting his back. Liam looked at the car, then at Harry, and then at the car again. "Harry... you..." I guess he was quite speechless. "Is... Wait, is this for me? For my birthday??" he looked at Harry smiling.


"Yeah" said Hazza putting the keys in Liam's hand. Liam just hugged Harry and then turned at the car and opened the door. He got in and inspected every little centimetre of the car from the inside. Then he got out and hugged Harry again, "Thank you! You didn't have to..." he started saying really joyfully. "Do you like it?" Harry asked him. Liam stepped away from him, a huge grin in his face. "I obviously like it. Seriously, thank you," he put a hand on the grey-silvery car. Harry was so sweet, and he surprised people with everything, from material things to emotional ones.


He was a great person, and everyone of us knew we could count on him whenever we needed someone. Harry pulled me closer to him with his hand on my waist as Liam and Danielle kissed. I leant my head on his shoulder while looking at the little romantic scene, remembering the ones I had lived with Harry. And now his lips were just some inches away from mine, I could turn my head and kiss him if I wanted to, but it wasn't right at all. Friends. We were just friends, and normal friends don't kiss each other whenever they feel like doing it


I sighed and Hazza looked at me cheekily, like he always did when we were together. "Well, Liam, enjoy your gift and your girlfriend, we may now leave" Harry said with a funny superior-like voice. We said goodbye and went back to his house walking. The birds were singing, and the sun was even brighter than before. It was getting hot, so I took my sweater off. Harry looked at me and kissed my cheek making me blush slightly, then he took my hand and we kept walking in silence.


When we were about to arrive Harry stopped and took his shirt off, revealing the six-pack I loved so much. He noticed me looking at his abs and laughed. "Sorry, I'm hot," he said. 'Yeah Harry, you are way too hot,' I thought biting my lip, then smiling. "Me too," I answered changing my ponytail into a bun.


"Would you like to swim?" he asked scratching his head. "Umm, yeah, but I don't have anything to wear," I answered as we walked inside his house. Harry thought for a while and then smiled. "Yes, you do."

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