Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


22. I'm sorry...


“Harry!” I screamed as he splashed me with the lake's cold water. El was trying to make me jump in with her, but I wasn't going to. “Come on girls, it's not that cold!” Niall shouted. I shook my head. “Jump!” Lou screamed. "Jump! Jump! Jump!" they all started cheering. “Okay,” I whispered. El took my hand and we looked at each other. “One,” she said. “Two,” I looked at the water in front of me. “Three!” we both shouted. I closed my eyes and felt the freshness against my skin.


We started playing in the water, pushing each other and laughing really hard.  Harry glanced at me, “Ro!” “What?” I looked down, Niall grabbed my foot and I sank in the water. I started chasing him, he kept chuckling. “I’m going to kill you, Nialler!” I almost got him, when somebody hugged my waist and lifted me up. I looked back; It was Tom. “Put me down,” I giggled. He shook his head, everyone was laughing. “Come on, put me down!” This was fun, but I wasn’t really comfortable with him being so close to me, since the kiss. I put my hands on his and tried to pull them away from me. He laughed, as I wasn’t strong enough, and threw me half a meter away. When I came up to the surface again I glanced at him, and he gave me a big grin, while I frowned. He blew me a kiss, and that hurt me. It reminded me that I had cheated on Hazza. I wish that had never happened, what was I thinking of?


Niall splashed water all over us, “I’m hungryyyyyy!” All of us laughed. “Let’s go get some food,” Eleanor said. So, Lou, El, Dani and Niall covered themselves with their towels and went to eat something.


I was now with Zayn, Tom, Liam and Harry. Tom kept smirking at me, and it made me feel guilty, so I tried to avoid his eyes. “Hazza, should we leave?” Harry smiled at me as his green eyes met mine. “Yeah.” I walked out of the lake, picked up my towel and wrapped it around me. It was a bit windy and now I was getting cold. Harry did the same and I started walking with him following me.


I pulled the towel upwards and tried to dry my hair. Harry’s strong arms surrounded me, “It wasn’t that cold, was it?” I giggled as he planted a little kiss on my cheek. He put his arm around me and we kept walking to our cabin. “No, not at all,” I looked up at him and he laughed, then he started drawing imaginary circles on my back.


I took a deep breath; he made everything feel so good, so right. I could live a long and happy life next to him, it’d all be perfect… “Sweetie, is there anything you’d like to tell me?” I blinked several times until I came back from my daydreaming, “Umm, why do you ask?” I smiled, trying this not to look so serious. “You just acted… weird when T…,” he frowned slightly, “Never mind.” He was going to ask about Tom. About the way I had acted with him. The guilt came back and literally hurt me. I swallowed hard, “What?” “No, never mind, it’s not important at all,” he smiled a little bit and kissed my hair.


“Harry,” I pulled his hand to make him stop walking, “There’s something I need to tell you.” His smile turned into a concerned look, “Is there something wrong?” I shook my head and bit my lip hard, “No… Actually,” I looked into his eyes and my eyes filled with tears, how could I do this to him? He was more than anything I could ever ask for, and I loved him; I couldn’t imagine my life right now without him, I just couldn’t… “Ro, what’s wrong? Tell me,” he caressed my cheek with his thumb, and now his face was inches away from mine. “I’m sorry,” a little tear rolled down my cheek, “I’m really sorry Harry. I love you, don’t ever doubt that, please.” He looked confused, “What? No, Ro, don’t cry, what happens?” I tried to speak, but I just didn’t know what to say. I looked down and my tears fell to the grass, then everything was all blurry. “When I was with Tom, the other night…” He frowned and took a step back, “What did he do to you?” I bit my lip, “Hazza, please don’t get mad at me. Please.” “Did he hurt you?” He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes; his were filled with anger. “I kissed him.” Harry raised an eyebrow, then pressed his lips tight. His hands slowly moved away from my shoulders, he shook his head and looked at the ground. He didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t help but keep crying. What was he going to say? He was going to leave me; I was such a bad person, while he was the perfect boyfriend, and best friend, I would ever have. “Please, forgive me,” I mumbled, not being able to look into his eyes as I was too ashamed. He took another step back, and looked away. “Harry,” I whispered, he turned around and pressed his fists tightly, “I love you.” He didn’t hear the last three words I said. He ran away, into the woods.


What had I done? I looked down again, the tears burned my cheeks, and I tried wiping them away with the towel. I walked a little more, hoping no one would be in our cabin. I just wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. And maybe something more. I hated myself, how did I dare to hurt Harry? I walked onto the little wooden platform and slowly opened the door. I let out a sob and rushed inside, shut the door and sat down against it. I hugged my legs and hid my face against my knees. It felt so weird, to be laughing with Harry, and five seconds later be standing alone, looking at him as he ran away from me. I just wanted to be alone. Or to die. The only person that loved me as much as I loved him was Harry, and I ruined it. I always ruined everything, every little good thing in my life.


I carefully stood up to go to the bathroom, but somebody walked out of the room to my left. I looked back, it was Niall. I walked a little faster. I didn’t want anybody to stop me from doing whatever I would do now, but he came behind me and grabbed my hand. “Ro, are you okay?” I looked ahead, I didn’t want him to see me… I wanted him to let me go. I pulled my hand, but he was holding it tight. “Just let me go,” I whispered. “You were crying,” I looked down, I wasn’t used to Niall seeing me sad. He pulled me into his arms and I could feel his warmth. I rested my head on his chest, and tried not to cry so much. “Don’t worry, you can tell me anything,” he whispered stroking my hair. I let out some tears on his T-shirt, took a deep breath and looked up, taking a step back “I… I kissed Tom.” He looked into my eyes, confused. He opened his mouth to say something, but not a single word came out. The tears made me see everything blurry again; he was reacting almost as Harry had.


He just nodded, and tried to hug me, but I pushed him away and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. I closed the door, but Niall pushed and opened it before I could put the lock on. I didn’t want him to worry, or to even care… “Please, leave me alone,” I sobbed. He shook his head, “I won’t,” then he hugged me. And, honestly crying felt much better when there was someone to comfort me.

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