Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


2. I forgive you


Harry opened the door arranging his curls, and then turned on the hall's lights. I looked up as he looked down, with a bit of surprisement on his face. "Rosalie? What...? What are you doing here?". Waiting for him, duh. I looked at my watch, it was nearly 11 pm. "You didn't want to talk... So I was waiting for you". He looked at me straight in the eyes, swollen from crying for the past hours. "You've been crying, Rosalie"-I looked down-" I'm sorry". He leaned down and put my hair behind my ear. I looked at his big green eyes, praying that I wouldn't ruin my plan and act as a total fool. "No, it's alright Harry." I smiled. He just nodded and stood up.


"It's kind of late, and umm..."- he smiled-" I should take you home...". It would work, for sure, I'd made the greatest plan. "Thank you". He smiled, "You're welcome," he walked back into his room and got his car keys. I pulled my sleeves to cover my hands and then rubbed myself, I was cold. As we walked down the stairs Harry took his coat off and put it on me. "Thanks" I said while smiling. "You're welcome" he answered again, I laughed. He was so cute, a gentleman, as always. But I just had to wait, my plan would take some time, but in the end we would be back together.


When we got into his car I looked at him, every bit of him was so perfect, so flawless. "What?" he asked laughing. "Nothing," I looked down "I'm sorry, a lot". He took my hand softly- "I know, it's okay". I looked up at him with hope waiting to hear it. "I forgive you," he gave me a big smile. Now everything was okay, we were friends. Great, well no, not great... perfect! This was working, really fast.

"Harry," I called when we were about to arrive to my house "I left my car... Near your house," I laughed at my stupidity. He smiled and looked at me sweetly. "I know," he answered "I just wanted to carry you home." Awwww, that's my Harry. Well, if he was acting friendly right now, you wouldn't imagine how he was as a boyfriend.


But I still would need my car tomorrow... "But Harry, what if-" I was cut by him. "You can come and pick it up tomorrow". I just nodded and smiled.

When we arrived Harry got out and opened the car door for me. We were walking towards the door in silence, when he pulled my hand softly. "Ro, you know that I really care about you, but I don't want you to get this wrong-" I cut him off this time. " I know Hazza, we are just friends. And it's okay, I'm really sorry for everything, and you're right in just wanting to be friends, because..." I stopped talking as Harry put his hand on my right cheek.


I looked into his beautiful green eyes as he gently stroke my face with his thumb. "It's okay, Ro," he whispered. He got closer to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. We kept walking and then I opened the door. Before getting inside I glanced at Harry and bit my lip. "You know... It's great that you're with Joanne," I put on a fake smile, "and I hope she takes good care of you." I said the second part honestly, because I wanted her to treat him good while they were together. No girl could break my Harry's heart, although I did, but I was here mending it, and I knew they wouldn't.


Harry looked at me a bit cheerless for some seconds, and then smirked. "Yeah," he looked at the ground, then at me again, "Thank you." He embraced me into his arms and I hugged him tight. "Good night," he whispered in my ear, making me shiver a little. I kissed his on the cheek goodnight and then he got into his car and drove away. I went upstairs, into my room, and dropped down in the soft bed, thinking. I changed into my pyjamas and then got under the sheets. It felt good to have Harry back, at least as a friend. I needed him, I always did.


I remembered the first time we kissed, at my door, more than six months ago. In that time we were nothing, just playing with people, being in relationships that lasted a week or less. Then I remembered when he asked me to be his girlfriend, sitting on his bed while kissing, candles all over the place, petals on the sheets. That was one of the sweetest moments I ever had in my life, the other boys weren't that caring. I fell asleep, and I dreamed Harry was there with me, with his arms around me, talking about how much he loved me.

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