Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


8. "Friends"


I knocked on her door and waited for a long time. 'She must be sleeping already,' I thought. I was so nervous, and felt so bad for what I'd done... I just needed her to forgive me, and we could make it all better. I turned to walk to my car but I heard something inside.


"Who is it?" I heard Ro ask, with a sleepy voice. I turned to the door, "It's me", my throat hurt. I heard her steps get closer to the door, but she waited before opening it, maybe hesitating. She sighed, and, after a while, opened the door. She looked so pretty in her baby-blue pyjamas, with a messy bun on her head.


She pressed her lips tight and looked down. My heart shrank when I saw that her eyes were red and swollen. I made her cry, again. What kind of person was I? Why did I hurt the girl I loved, more than anything in the world? My eyes filled with anger tears, the guilt came back. Ro looked at me, first with a sorrowful look on her face, then surprised.

"What... what happened Hazza?" she asked looking at me straight in the eyes.

The thought of making those little, perfect eyes cry made me hate myself even more than before.

"I'm sorry, Ro.", she opened her mouth to talk, but I continued. "I should've never done what I did, I'm so ashamed... And I want to ask you for one more chance, I know I'm not good enough for you, but I love you and I... I just can't live with the thought of making you cry..." my voice cracked up a little bit and a tear rolled down my cheek, I quickly wiped it away, "And if it changes something, I broke up with Joanne."


She looked at me, with her arms crossed on her chest, but she slowly put them around my waist. As she leant her head on my chest I felt little tears on my T-shirt. I held her close to me, I didn't want to make any more mistakes, I couldn't hurt her ever again. "I love you, so much" she whispered against my neck. "Do you forgive me?" I asked. She looked up at me and a little smile appeared on her lips, "Of course I do" she whispered, my heart filled with joy. "But... I don't think we should get back together, in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship," What? I was speechless... "Just for now," she continued, "But, there can always be," she looked down blushing, "a bit of kisses and cuddling, between... Friends". That was good, weird, but good. So now we would be something like 'friends with benefits', but not that much benefits... I just held her tighter and kissed her hair. She put her hand on my cheek, leant closer and softly pressed her lips against mine. It was an innocent kiss, no tounge, no roughness, just love.


She pulled away and we both smiled. "You smell of alcohol" she laughed. "Umm, yes, I guess so." I laughed too. She stroke my curls looking into my eyes, "Let's go inside, it's late".

I woke up the next morning with the most beautiful girl in the world in my arms. She was breathing deeply and slowly, with a tiny smirk on her face. I felt totally good and filled inside, and none of what would happen... if two teenagers slept in the same bed... happened.


I didn't think of anything more than how cute and lovely she was. I stroke some hair behind her ear. Her lips looked so soft and silky, I had the urge to kiss them. I leant closer and kissed her lips, as gently as I could. She was so flawless, she was the reason I woke up eveyday, the person who made my heart beat faster with just one touch.


I woke her up with little kisses on her cheeks, nose, forehead and lips. When she opened her eyes, she smiled at me and then rubbed her eyes. "Hi beautiful," I said hugging her closer to me. "Morning", she kissed my cheek.


"How did you sleep?" she looked at me in the eyes, then looked away and giggled. "What?" I smiled. She pulled herself into a sitting position, "I had... A dream". She stretched her arms over her head. "A dream," I repeated, "About...?". She giggled again and looked down "You," I nodded, waiting for her to explain, "And I.... you know". I giggled too. Yes, I knew, "No, I don't know, tell me!" I teased her. She laughed and shook her head, "Harry, you know what I'm talking about". "Can't you explain me? Because I don't understand", I said sitting up, and getting closer to her.


"You want me to explain..." she moved closer, her face inches away from mine, "Or to show you?". She crawled on top of me, I put my hands on her little waist and hugged her close. "Show me." She pressed her lips onto mine and kissed me hungrily, and I intensified it even more. She bit my lower lip, I let the tip of my tongue into her mouth. She passed her fingers through my naked chest, and left them on my hair, stroking it slowly. It felt so good, so right. God, she was so perfect. I felt her smile against my lips, and then she broke the kiss.


I was trying hard to catch my breath; Ro was still on top of me with a huge grin on her face. "And that's it?" I asked. "Well," she blushed "My dream didn't end up at that point..." I smiled, knowing everything she felt for me. "Aren't you gonna show me the end?" I bit my lip, thinking about it. "Only in your dreams!" she got up from the bed and walked towards her closet. Of course, I would surely dream about that. She took out some clothes and let them at the end of the bed.


"Umm, Harry" she giggled "You should take a shower". I put my lower lip out trying to look upset in a funny way, "Do I smell?" I tilted my head to the right. She nodded, "Who showers first?" she asked. Immediately I thought about... Showering, with her. I just laughed at myself and got out of bed. "And what if..." I moved closer to Ro, hugging her from behind really tight, "We shower... Together?". She turned and looked at me, with a flirty smile on her face, "Friends don't shower together, Hazza".

I laughed and put my hand on her shoulder, "It's not like you're not used to it", her cheeks turned burning-red. I planted a slow kiss on her shoulder, and felt her shiver. "Hazza..." she whispered taking a step forward, away from me, with a little shy smile on her face, "cut it out". I nodded and she giggled, then I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek," Then, go take your shower,"

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