Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


15. flashback


Tom's P.O.V.

Everybody was really cool and funny. "So how long are you staying?" asked Zayn, chewing a cookie. "Almost a month, or maybe more," I answered smiling. I had really missed being with Rosalie, and I was going to make every single minute with her perfect.


They all kept talking, and I looked at Ro, sitting next to me. She was holding Harry's hand and chatting with him. She seemed so happy, so peaceful... It was the only thing I had hoped when I last saw her. I wanted her to stay like that when I wasn't by her side anymore, I wouldn't bear to see her depressed or sad ever again...


"Ro?" I called, there was no answer, "Rosalie?"


 I walked into her room, she wasn't in there, but I could hear someone crying in the bathroom. "Little angel, are you okay?" I asked leaning on the door. "Go away Tom," she said, then I heard her crying again.


I wouldn't leave, I wouldn't let her feel that way... "Please, I want to help you," I said, she opened the door slowly. "Tom..." she said, tears streaming down her cheeks, her little swollen eyes looked at me, pleading. I hugged her and she put her arms around my waist. I could feel her tears on my shirt, my heart shrank. It hurt me seeing her in pain.


We sat down on the bathroom's cold floor, I was still hugging her. I kissed her hair, then her forehead, and pulled her close. It was one of those moments when you just can’t say anything, but being there was worth a thousand words. All of a sudden I saw something with the corner of my eye. It was a box of... Pills? Paracetamol?


I took it and looked inside, then turned it upside down and the empty plates fell next to me on the floor. "What is this?" I asked slowly, trying not to sound angry or upset. Ro looked at me with tear-filled eyes, "Nothing,". I bit my lips and shook my head, "Did you take all of this now?" She looked down and kept crying. I looked around and saw more boxes lying on the floor. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her head so she would look at me. "Did you?" my voice was shaky, I knew the answer.


She just started crying louder and looked away. "I-I just don't understand... Anything," she said. She was shaking. I hugged her softly, she closed her eyes and I saw pain in her face. "You can't do this," I lifted her up in my arms and took her to the hospital.

* * * * * * * * * * *

That was why our friendship was so important. She meant a lot to me, and since that day I promised myself that I would take care of her as long as it was possible. At the end of that summer, Matthew, her cousin, promised me he would look after her if she went back to being like that. And he told me the last time she had fallen in depression was when she was 16, because of her grandmother's death. And now she was happy. And it seemed like it was all because of this guy, Harry. A part of me wanted to thank him, but another one felt jealous. I had always thought that, when we were older, if she didn't get a boyfriend that made her as happy as I did, I would tell her that I loved her and become her boyfriend. I did love her. Years before I loved her like a little sister, but now... I was confused, I loved her, but so much more than back then...

"And how did you meet each other?" asked Liam. Ro looked at me at the same moment I looked at her.


"My cousin," she started, looking at everyone, "And Tom had met... Four?" she asked me, I nodded, "Four years ago and they were like best friends. When my uncle got married again they decided to take the whole family to Canada for the entire summer, and Tom's family agreed to go there too. Soooo," she put her hand on mine, "As I spent time with my cousin, I also spent time with him, and we became best friends immediately."


We were looking into each other's eyes. Those green eyes... I just wanted her to be with me forever, I didn't want anyone to ever hurt her again. She kissed my cheek, "Awww," everyone said. I took her hand, and Harry looked at me, smiling. But his smile also hid jealousy, why? Ro loved him, maybe more than what she loved me, so why did he even bother?      

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