Want You Back

Rosalie has made some mistakes with Harry. Harry has also made some mistakes. Old friends, problems and worries. Who wants who back?


3. A car


I woke up at eight o'clock with the alarm beeping really loudly. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. Then I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a ponytail. Then I put on some skinny jeans, a blue T-shirt, a sweater and my grey vans. As I was going out I grabbed my car keys laying on the table. I pressed the unlock button and waited to hear the little familiar sound, but then I remembered... My car was parked in front of Harry's place, gosh! Well, it was a sunny day, and it wasn't cold at all, so I got walking. On the way I started replaying Harry's voice saying "I forgive you", smiling like a fool.


When I got to his house I saw him through his room's huge window. He dialed a number on his phone, fixed his curls and started walking around. Right then the ringtone I assigned for Harry started playing. 'My heart's a stereo, Beats for you so lis'- I answered the phone with a grin on my face. "Harry! Hi." I said. "Hey you know, your car is over here and, umm, well, when you come would you like to come with me to Liam's place?" he talked slowly. "I'm down here" My grin grew bigger. I saw him walk to his window.


He looked down and waved at me with a big smile on his face. "Come in!" he said before hanging up. I walked to the door and heard his rushing footsteps coming down the stairs. When he opened the door he kissed my cheek and pulled me in. He looked pretty excited. "Well Ro, you know it was Liam's birthday a couple of days ago, right?" he asked walking into his kitchen. I nodded while sitting down on one of the tall bar chairs looking at him patiently. "And," he stretched the 'a' "I didn't give him any gift." I remembered, standing next to Li while he opened my present, his hug, and then Hazza trying to ignore my existence..."So I'm giving it to him today!" he looked at me hoping I would burst out with excitement as he did, but I was just smiling.


He kept looking at me with that big smile on his face and his green eyes widely opened waiting for my reaction. "And, what did you get him?" I asked curiously. He sighed and moved his hand for me to follow. He opened the door at the end of a short corridor and we were now in his garage. As he turned on the lights I saw his A8 in front of us, and something else... A car covered with a... type of blanket?... and it had the BMW logo on it! "Oh my God, Harry!" I squealed, and then covered my mouth.


He smiled and took the cloth off the car. I don't know much about cars, but this one was great, and it had that doors that you open upwards, and black leather seats. Harry opened one of the doors and I looked at everything more closely, all those little details, every little button, Liam was going to love it! Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my waist, Harry pulled me closer, hugging me from behind. What was he doing? I mean, I liked it... But we were just friends, for now, and he was dating Joanne.


He kissed me slowly near my ear sending little shivers down my spine. I turned and looked at him straight in the eyes. "What are you doing Hazza?" I asked. He took a step back and moved his hair away from his face.


"I... I don't know, I'm sorry..." he looked down a bit ashamed. I smiled and hugged him gently, "It's okay,". He bit his lips and nodded, then he pulled my hand and walked to the passenger's side.

"Mademoiselle" he said while opening the door for me. I laughed and got in, Harry closed the door and sat in the driver's sit."Are we going to give it to him right now?" I asked looking at him with my brows up. "Mhmm" he answered and got the keys out of his pocket. He put them in, opened the garage door and we drove off to Liam's house.

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