Ardougne's Crisis

Rowan, a small time thief, lives in the City of Ardougne. A city that has been divided into east and west. Where one side shows a bustling city and the other is shrouded in mystery. Rowan lets curiosity lead him to discover what is going on behind those walls. (An Alternate take)


3. Outbreak

               I peaked outside the window and saw the smog above the buildings. The inhabitants of this place just walked aimlessly with blank faces. Everyone wore ragged clothing and were dirty and pale. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I slowly walked out of the shake and kept a look out for more mourners. Suddenly a horn blew that caused all the people to start rushing in one direction. I followed from a distance. They all crowded up at the town square where a gallows were set up. A man with spiked brown hair and a knotted beard got up on the gallows with two mourners accompanying him. Staying behind a building I peeked at the assembly.

" Citizens of West Ardougne. I Bravek have had counsel with the head mourner. He has requested more volunteers to be treated. This potion should help your body fight the plague and bring strength back into your feeble bodies. So who is willing to go? I can only bring five of you." 

The people all became frantic and started yelling and clawing at each other to get to the front. Bravek smiled mischievously as he pointed to one person then another. With each person he chose the people got more worked up and even a little violent. Pushing each other down and stepping on them. When Bravek chose the last man, the crowd began to roar with insults. 

"Step back you bastards! Do you know who you are speaking to!" Bravek's face burned red as he yelled.

He turned to one of the mourners and gave him a glare. The mourner nodded and Bravek left the stage with the other mourner and the five volunteers. 

I noticed Bravek go down a slope that lead to a gate leading underground. My attention switched back to the crowd as the ranting increased. The mourner on the gallows raised his hands in the air. A gray mist clouded his hands. He then quickly brought his hands down then thrust them forward at the crowd. Three people in the front spontaneously burst into flames. The crowd started screaming and fleeing in different directions. I watched as these people burned and yelled for help. Beads of sweat covered my body. I have to see whats going on down there.

              I snuck my way back to where the dead mourner was. "Saradomin forgive me." I stripped the mourner of his clothes. When I took off the mask I looked the other way. I didn't want to see the face of the person I killed. The clothing was heavy with the sent of blood. It was hard to keep from gagging. I then walked into the open area where the gallows were. There were three charred bodies on the floor. I looked to the slope that Bravek took. Two mourners were at the gates. Here goes nothing. I walked as confidently as I could. When I reached the gates the guards said nothing as they opened the gates. I continued further down into the dungeon path. Torches lit the way as I walked further down into the earth. The path was adorned with sets of armor and a majestic red rug that went down the hall. 


A fork in the path. When ever this kind of problem occurred I stuck to going right. No real reason. I followed the path until it lead to a huge room with cages as far as I could see. I could hear growls echoing all around the room. I got closer to one when I saw a man who had snow white skin and had scythe's for hands. He was bald and crouched over like an animal. He looked up at me. He had no pupils, only white in his eyes. He came closer to the cage bars and began sniffing. My legs were shaking.

"What the hell is that?"

I stepped back from the cage. I looked around at the other cages. They all held some deformed creature behind its bars. Some had barbs protruding from their chests others had bodies covered in fur with talons on their finger tips.  I made my way back to the separated paths and went left.

               I could hear voices at the end of the path. When I turned the corner I noticed a bright light at the end of the walkway. I snuck as close as I could and hid behind a set of knights armor. I could hear Bravek and someone else talking.

"So how long till we get the numbers we need for our assault? King Lathas needs an army and he needs it now!" Bravek exclaimed. 

"You cant rush this process. The virus does not work with all hosts. Some it kills and some it evolves into a  soldier. As long as you keep providing me hosts we will reach out number eventually." The other voice explained.

"We can only keep this charade of a plague for so long. People are starting to question why we are taking so long to cure it. They are questioning if there is even one." My eyes widened. The plague... A charade?

"Dont worry Bravek. No one will start anything for fear of the consequences of rising against a king. Just keep the idea of a plague going."

"Fine. I'm heading back up."

               I could hear footsteps coming my way. I tucked myself behind the armor. He walked right by me and down the corridor out of sight. Exhaling the air I trapped in my lungs I crept up to the room and peered in. I gasped. I saw the five people who volunteered for vaccinations tided down to tables. There were four mourners at the far corners of the room. A doctor forced the mans mouth open and poured the green formula in. The man coughed as it went down. The doctor then took a few steps back. The others that were tied down turned their heads to see what would happen. The man looked scared. Without warning the man flung his head back against the table and he started grunting.

"Restrain him." Said the doctor calmly. 

The mourners in the room began a chant that caused the man to suddenly go limp. Then I looked to the doctor who was looking straight at me. My chest started heaving. 

"You. What are you doing here?" The doctor asked me. The mourners continued their chant.

I started running. No footsteps where behind me. I'm so confused. I reached the split in the path when I noticed more mouners coming toward me. I darted back down the path to the prison.

"What the hell is going on here!" I screamed.

I reached the prison room and desperately looked around. There was no other doors in the room. I ran to the end of the room to get as much distance between me and my pursuers. I saw a lever at the end of the room. That must be the switch to open the cages! I ran towards it at grabbed the handle. The mourners entered the room and surrounded me.

"Stay back! Or I will pull this lever!" I yelled griping onto my only leverage.

The mourners didn't move or respond. They just stood there. I felt complete despair take over me. There is no way I can get out of this. "That's right." What? Who is that? The doctor appeared from behind the mourners. "You pull that lever and these beasts will kill us all, including you." Its better then letting you kill me.We stood there for what seemed like hours. I then saw out of the corner of my eye a beam of fire coming from the hand of one of the mourners. Complete fear took hold of me and I pulled the lever.

"You imbecile! What have you done!" The doctor screamed. 

The cages all opened up with a loud clang. The mourners turned around and surrounded the doctor from all ends. The beasts slowly emerged from their cells.




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