Ardougne's Crisis

Rowan, a small time thief, lives in the City of Ardougne. A city that has been divided into east and west. Where one side shows a bustling city and the other is shrouded in mystery. Rowan lets curiosity lead him to discover what is going on behind those walls. (An Alternate take)


2. In Harms Way

               Ugh. I turned my head to face away from the light that shone on me. I couldn't get away. I slowly squinted my eyes. My head hurts. I sat up and looked around. Walter was laying on the docks not too far from me knocked out. Man we hit the bar pretty hard last night huh? I went to the dock and bent over the edge to scoop water into my hands. I splashed the water on my face.

"Cheeee!" I hissed as the shock of the water woke me up. 

I scooped up another handful of water and tossed it onto Walters. It had no effect. He always came down hard after a night of drinking. I stood over him and raised my hand as high as I could. I took in a deep breath and screamed,"Walteeerrrrrrr!" as I swung my hand hard across his face.

"Gaah what the heck!" Walter yelled as he flung forward knocking me onto the floor. 
"What was that for?" He growled.

"You have to go to work you idiot. Now get up."

               The day was a slow one. Nothing interesting was happening so I decided to float around the zoo. The monkeys were my favorite. I could of sworn one of them spoke to me. I saw King Lathas castle and it reminded me of the gate behind it. Maybe I should see whats behind those gates. I waltz around the corner of the castle and saw the two mourners at the gate. I looked around the gate for another way in. None. I guess I have to go over. I should wait until night to break into the west side of the city. I went to the poison pub and was able to buy a mithril grapple from Marion as well as a mourners mask, to protect myself from the plague. She always had useful things to sell.

               Night covered the divided city, filling every corner with shadows. I made my way back to the castle and looked around the corner. They were still at the gates. Do these guys ever take a break?I put on the mourners mask and dashed as fast as I could from my cover and made my way around the corner of the west wall. I took deep drags of the air around me. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating profusely. I could hear footsteps coming my way. Aw no! I quickly hurled the grapple over the wall and desperately grabbed at the rope. The foot steps drew nearer. I clenched my teeth as I pulled myself onto the wall. My foot slipped from under me and I slammed against the wall.

"Agh!" My arms are getting tired. I re-positioned myself and kept climbing the rope. I'm almost there. I then heard mumbling. My eyes widened as I looked to my left to see the mourner at the corner chanting. A red aura began to appear on his chest. "Oh no... No no no no!" I screamed in horror. I clawed at the top of the wall and struggled to get my leg over it. I turned my head and saw the tendril coming right at me.

"Aghhhhh!" I threw myself over the wall as the tendril pierced the wall. My mask flew off as I fell from the wall and slammed on the ground.

               Pain shot up my back and down my legs. I felt paralyzed. It was as if I was a fly caught helplessly in a spiders web. I looked to my right and saw a man in rags. He looked miserable. He slowly came towards me and began to rummage through my pouch.

"Hey..Wha.." I tried to say but only came out it rasps of air.

He found my vial of restore. I looked at him with a tear escaping down my eye. Please. Help me. He popped open the vial and began to drink it. I watched as he drank away my last hope. He suddenly stopped drinking as the vial dropped near me. He began to cough violently. I moved my hand with all my strength to reach the vial. There was still some of the restore left. I looked at the man and noticed a large spear like thing protruding from his abdomen. I knew what it was when I heard the chanting in the distance. I grabbed the vial and put it to my mouth to drink. Almost instantly I felt life come to my arms and legs. I jumped onto my feet and turned to see the mourner with the tendril extended into the man. I got up and ran the other way.

               The dirt was as black as charcoal and as soft as mud making running difficult. I threw dirt in the air behind me. Turning a corner into an alley between two run down buildings I leaned against one of the walls. I reached into my pouch and pulled out my black dagger. From thin air the mourner appeared in front of me. The blue mist surrounded his feet. The tendril thrust forward without warning. I saw everything slow down. The tendril coming at me my body swinging to the right, everything happened in what seemed like slow motion. The tendril scratched the side of my face as I turned to avoid it. I swung my dagger around and thrust it into the mourners neck. Time caught up with us as I retracted the dagger. The mourner made a horrific gargling noise as he gasped for air. He fell to his knees as he grabbed at his neck. My body was shaking from the terror and adrenaline that coursed through my body. The tendril and the auras faded as the mourner clung to life. I started running. I don't care where I'm going. I just have to get away from that horrible sound. I found a broken down shack and took refuge inside. I huddled in the corner and buried my face in my now blood stained hands.

"Why did I do that?" I said to myself as tears filled my eyes.

"Why"? I felt the tears begin to stream down my cheeks. I felt so guilty. I had never killed anyone before. 


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