Ardougne's Crisis

Rowan, a small time thief, lives in the City of Ardougne. A city that has been divided into east and west. Where one side shows a bustling city and the other is shrouded in mystery. Rowan lets curiosity lead him to discover what is going on behind those walls. (An Alternate take)


5. Epilogue

               Ardougne, devastated by the outbreak of the creatures had struggled to rebuild itself to its former glory. Many loved ones were lost and most did not understand why it had happened. Teams of guards were sent down to the tunnels to investigate what was going on. Clues eventually lead to King Lathas and his request for the experiments to be run on the population in order to build an army. Among their findings they found that the plague was what they used as a cover, and dark elves were the mourners supporting him. Left king-less and in ruin, the city had to ask for assistance from other major cities such as Varrock and Falador which the cities cooperated and held Ardougne under marshal law. In time the city began to resemble its old self. Reconstruction even began in the west part of the city. The mourners disappeared after the incident. Some say they headed west to the underground passage while others fled south into the battlefields. After the Ardougne Crisis as it was called, mourners were never seen or heard from again. Plans for a huge Saradomin statue was in the making, for many believed it was him who saved the city in its darkest hour. As for me, I gave up my life of stealing and joined the guards to help protect the recovering city. We kept most bandits and goblins from moving in and causing trouble. Nothing to big. In the end, all  I wanted to do was what Walter did. Help. I wanted to help bring back, my home sweet home.

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