Ardougne's Crisis

Rowan, a small time thief, lives in the City of Ardougne. A city that has been divided into east and west. Where one side shows a bustling city and the other is shrouded in mystery. Rowan lets curiosity lead him to discover what is going on behind those walls. (An Alternate take)


4. Divine Intervention


          The beasts turned their attention to the mourners and me. Glowing eyes full of hatred and intentions to kill. The mourners started chanting as their auras formed. The first beast to charge was the pale beast I first saw. A mourners chant caused vines to rise from the earth and strangle the monster.  With that the rest of the demons charged. The mourners spread out to meet the creatures. Using the distraction to escape I started running through the fray. Violent roars and tearing flesh filled the room. I saw mourners arms being ripped off as they try to chant. The doctor was screaming orders in a panic. I was then thrown off my feet  by something. I looked up to see a man who's face was half gone revealing muscle and bone. He had no forearms, only sharp broken bones. I pulled out my dagger as I got to my feet. He rushed towards me pointing his bony spears at me. As he reached me I  slid down on my knees as thrust his arms above me. I jabbed the dagger as hard as I could into his abdomen. The man let out a low groan. I pulled the knife back out as the creature fell over. I bolted toward the door and made my way to the corridor. 

"This is insane! This cant be happening!" 

Roars came from behind me.

I burst through the doors knocking over the two mourners guarding it. The sun was starting to rise. All the people were looking at me. I looked at the gate and saw two guards guarding it. Oh man what do I do!?The two mourners behind me started chanting when a two headed demon emerged from the underground gate. Its skin was blistered and its body was thin, but it stood as high as the gate. 

"How did they escape!" One of the mourners yelled.

The people started screaming and running for the gate to the East side of the city. The guards looked overwhelmed and started attacking the beasts coming from the underground tunnel. Its total chaos. The people forced open the gate and started pouring into East Ardougne. People where shocked to see so many people in rags running through the streets. I saw King Lathas and his guards being over run by a bunch of small fiends. Beast flew overhead and picked off people one by one. I made my way through the crowd to get to Walter. I saw him along with the rest of the guards at the market. 

"Walter! Oh man." I could hear the havoc from the west making its way here. 

"Rowan! What is all that commotion?" He asked completely unaware of the danger approaching. 

I just stared at him. I have no idea how to explain any of this. A loud crash caught everyone in the market place's attention. What appeared to be a bull with flaming wings trampled a guard into the ground. 

"What in the world is that?" Walter yelled. Two of the guards surrounded it from both side. The first one went to strike but the blade was deflected with the beasts wing. It turned to the guard and rammed its horn through his chain mail. 

"Agh!" The guard coughed up blood.

"Nooooo!" Walter screamed. He started to charge the monster when he heard someone yell.

"Stay back!" We looked to see Wizard Cromperty running towards us.

He put his hands together then raised one hand. The hand in the air glowed purple and the bull was absorbed in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared it was gone. Walter went to go check on the wounded guard.

" Whoa what did you do?" I asked astonished. 

"I just teleported it elsewhere. Somewhere in the wild." Cromperty replied.

People flooded the market as the creatures took hold of the city. The remaining guards were in retreat with them. I could hear the bloody screams from all over the city. Everyone was heading for the exit from the city via the market place when the tall blistered demon swooped down from the sky and blocked the path. 

"Hurry lets take shelter in the Poison Arrow Pub!" I yelled.

The guards were trying their best to fight the onslaught of creatures but were being struck down one by one. I turned around to see Walter stabbing a fiend on the ground.

"Walter lets go!"

He turned to me and started running. I let him catch up and we followed the crowd heading for the pub. I looked around at the city I called home. Fires where everywhere and I could see creatures flying in the distance. The smoke covered the morning sun. We were almost at the pub when I looked to my side to see Walter gone. I began to panic and looked around furiously. I spotted him picking up a small girl that had fallen. She was unconscious as he held her in his arms. He smiled at me as he got back on his feet. I smiled back. It was just like him to do something like that. He started to jog towards me when the bank next to him exploded in a sea of flames engulfing him and the girl. The explosion knocked me back. I looked up and only saw fire.

I just stared at the flames that swallowed up Walter and the girl.

"Walter..." I whispered. "Walter answer me.." The flames crackled and threw sparks all around. Marion came from behind me and started dragging me inside.

"No! Walter! Noooo!" My heart twisted inside my chest as I screamed. Tears streamed from my eyes.

"Stop! Let me go! Damn it let go of me!" I tried with all of my might to wrestle away from Marion but couldn't break free. I watched as they Closed the doors to the pub, hiding the horrors that now over run the outside.

               The next three days we barricaded ourselves inside the pub in hopes of rescue. I stayed in the corner away from everyone. I couldn't speak to anyone. My thoughts were clouded with memories of Walter. I had known him since I first started living on the streets. I have only been in this world for seventeen years, but he was with me for almost all of it. I couldn't stop the tears. I clenched my teeth as my heart started to tear apart. 

"Hey does anyone feel that?" Marion said softly. The ground shook gently.

"Yeah. An earthquake?" Responded one of the civilians. 

The ground began to shake more violently. I lifted my head from my lap. Glasses fell from the shelf crashing on the floor. The cracks from the door had an immensely bright light shining through them. The monstrous cries for the beasts could be heard outside. As quickly as it came the light disappeared in a great crackle of thunder. It was silent outside. Cromperty peered through the crack in he door. He reached for the handle.

"Cromperty are you crazy!"Marion yelled moving toward the wizard. He raised his hand and told her to be quiet. He slowly opened the door. The light flooded into the dimly lit bar. Ash fell like snow from the skies. The fires were extinguished and the beasts were all gone. Everyone in the pub began to shuffle out of the tight space into the open. I slowly emerged from the pub and looked around. Everyone was pointing at the sky. I looked up and saw the Sign of Saradomin shining in the clouds. People began to praise Saradomin. I looked back to the floor. "Walter." I whispered.







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