The Search for Wisdom

A poem on a search for wisdom <<ironic how the title is almost like it too!


1. The Search for Wisdom

"Wisdom is the key."

They say to thee.

Those who seek it

Reap the benefit.


The rewards are many,

The rewards are plenty.

Surely, it is a shame,

Overseen, it became.


Truly, a waste, a fool's wish.

It'd often fit in a petri-dish.

Only for one does he care,

The others: just thin air.


If only wisdom had they,

Great, their Scales would weigh.

All for they saw value,

And held another view.


A search for wisdom.

What would become?

Would the Road be tough?

Would the Path be rough?


The Road is direct,

And has little defect.

However, temptation is lurking:

Prevents you from working.


~Deception lies in wait;

Keep your intentions straight.

Traps will be set;

They pose great threat.


The Path winds down a hollow.

Maybe a good way to follow?

For those who wander astray,

Will likely lose their way.


~But the enticement is small,

And seldom does it call.

The Path begins to whittle,

Step by step: Little by little.


In the end, at the great wall:

It stands ever so tall;

Remember those words to thee,

"Wisdom, it's the key!"


You reach in your pocket;

But haven't found it!

Where has it gone?

You sit withdrawn.


Suddenly, you realize,

"I am the prize."

~Surely, it's a shame,

Overseen it became.

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