Im really into you

Miranda had a pretty boring life.
until... Zayn started to go to her school.
you heard me. Zayn. Zayn Malik!!!
When she first saw him. it was like. the angels were crying. he was so... beautiful!
Will she fall for him? But they will never be together because Miranda is afraid of getting hurt.
But what happens when Zayn starts getting really into her?


2. Who's that hottie?

I walked to my seat, sat and waited for Katy. Late for first day of school. Typical Katy.

While i was waiting i talked to some of the other girls from my class, everyone adored my look. I said a couple good things about the girls' outfits too. They looked pretty good, actually. But for the whole time, i couldn't stop thinking about Zayn. I was probably the only one that knew about him being in the cutest and the most hottest band in the UK, One Direction. They werent popular in the US of A. I knew them because i spent half of my summer in the UK.

Oh my god he just looked at me. I blushed and looked down. He was so adorable!

Finally Katy came in and sat next to me. She looked gorgeous.

-Hi gorgeous! - I said right before the bell rang.

-Hey beauty queen!- She whispered back.

-Love the look!

-Thanks, that dress looks adorable on you!


-Oh my god.- She said in shock


-Who's that hottie?

-Oh, you're talking about Zayn..?

-What? you know him?

-Not really, I'll explain later, or else they'll kick us out of here.

-Haha kay, can't wait!

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