Im really into you

Miranda had a pretty boring life.
until... Zayn started to go to her school.
you heard me. Zayn. Zayn Malik!!!
When she first saw him. it was like. the angels were crying. he was so... beautiful!
Will she fall for him? But they will never be together because Miranda is afraid of getting hurt.
But what happens when Zayn starts getting really into her?


3. They were...sexgods!!!

Katy's POV:

Finally the class was over. I looked at Miranda, waiting for her to explain everything.

-Why are you staring at me?-Miranda laughed.

-Tell me about him! What did you tell me his name was? Zayne?

-Zayn. Okay, okay ill tell you... - Miranda whispered. Hmm, Zayn. What a weird name.


-He's in one direction. You wouldn't know that band.

-One what? 

-Exactly. His boyband is like the most popular boyband in UK. I've been to their concert. They're beyond amazing... And hot...-Miranda said with excitment.

-They? Wait how many are there? Ten? - I didn't know that there was "they".

-No. Five. I'm telling you they are so hot, i almost died when i saw them. - There's no way they were that hot.

-You should show me some photos! Like right now! - I said as i got my phone out of my bag and give it to Mir.

-Okay, okay. Here. - She said and handed me my phone.

Oh... my... god!

They were... sexgods!!!

-Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I know right?

-Wait, Wait. What's his name? - I asked pointing my finger to the curly haired one.

-Oh, that's Harry, He's the most popular out of them. But Zayn's my favorite.

-Okay, than Harry's mine.

-Okay, okay, Deal. Zayn's mine, Harry's yours. But we gotta get to class before the bell or else... - Miranda said as she ran out of the class.

-Wait! Wait for me!!! - I yelled. Good thing i could run in high heels pretty good.

I got to class and saw Miranda sitting next to Zayn.What a flirt, haha. I winked at her and she winked back, smiling. I wonder if Harry went to this school too...?

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