Im really into you

Miranda had a pretty boring life.
until... Zayn started to go to her school.
you heard me. Zayn. Zayn Malik!!!
When she first saw him. it was like. the angels were crying. he was so... beautiful!
Will she fall for him? But they will never be together because Miranda is afraid of getting hurt.
But what happens when Zayn starts getting really into her?


5. Lunch full of questions with Zayn.

Miranda's POV: When he kissed me, i saw fireworks.

After like a minute he pulled back and said:

-Will you be my girlfriend, beautiful? That sounded crazy coming out of one and only Zayn Malik's mouth but..

I stepped on my tippy toes to reach him and i kissed him. When we finished kissing, he grabbed my hand and we started walking.

-So i assume that was a yes? -He grinned.

-Definantly. - I laughed.

We saw a cute little cafe in the corner and went in.

-You hungry?

-Honestly, yes but sadly i left my wallet in my locker so...

-Money is not a problem. And besides, this is our first date, remember? - He said with a huge smile on his face.


-What will you young children order? -Said an old waitress.

-Ill have the Lazagna and a coke please.

-Lets share the Lazagna okay?- Zayn said.

-Oh thank god you asked that! I would never been able to eat the whole thing by myself!

-Haha okay, We will have Lazagna and two cokes please. -Zayn said to the waitress.

The lady wrote down our order and walked back to the kitchen.

-Can i ask you some questions like about you and stuff? - Zayn said.

-Of course, yeah! I would like to know some stuff about you, too. - I answered with a smile.

-Okay, prepare for a lunch full of questions! -Zayn said in a weird low voice.

I laughed. He was adorable.

-Favorite color? 

-What?Oh, pink. - I answered.

-Favorite type of music?

-Mainstream pop.

-Favorite food?

-Pizza. Wait, wait it's my turn now! -I laughed.

-Go ahead, you can ask me anything!

-Favorite girl band?

-Little mix.

-Oh my god, mine too! - I said with excitement. - Okay, next question is... favorite movie?

-Friends with benefits. - Zayn said.

-Seriously? I adore that movie and Mila Kunis!

-Really? Yeah i love her too! Okay, my turn! Who's your favorite from our band?

-Im not gonna answer that.- I said shyly.

-Okay, okay i got it. I'm your favorite and you don't want to admit. That's really cute. - He laughed.

-You love yourself so much! - I laughed - But you're right about you being my favorite.

-Haha i knew it!

And then the waitress came over with our food and we started to eat.





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