Im really into you

Miranda had a pretty boring life.
until... Zayn started to go to her school.
you heard me. Zayn. Zayn Malik!!!
When she first saw him. it was like. the angels were crying. he was so... beautiful!
Will she fall for him? But they will never be together because Miranda is afraid of getting hurt.
But what happens when Zayn starts getting really into her?


4. Like a goddess or an angel!

Zayn's POV:

I could not believe this. Nobody was screaming, or crying, or asking for a picture. This could not be real. How could none of these girls now one direction? This was so good!

I looked at bunch of girls who were glancing at me one of them looked down and blushed.Cute.

First class was boring. Finally when it finished i stood up and slowly gathered my stuff. I was walking out of the class as i heard one of the girls saying the word direction. But.. it could have been just the word direction. Hmm, maybe harry was right, maybe nobody knew about us here.

I sat at one of the sits and waited for the class to begin. Few seconds later a girl walked in and sat right next to me. She was absolutely beautiful. Like a goddess or an angel! I smiled at her, she smiled back. Wow, i think i'm starting to like her.

-Hi-I said.

-Hey. New here?- She answered with her magical voice.

-Yup. What's your name?

-Miranda. You know i could show you around if you want, Zayn.

Woah. She just said my name. How could she possibly know?

-How do you..?

-I've been to UK, you guys are everywhere. I love your music, and your personalities. I'm a bit of a fangirl actually.

She loved our music and personalities. Woah woah woah! I wonder who's her favorite..

-Oh.. I'm not trying to be rude, but please can you not tell anyone? I really want to keep it a secret.

-Sure,but i already told my bestie, sorry!

-That's fine, really. So miranda fangirl of one direction, who's your favorite out of us?

- I'm not gonna answer that.

- Okay, okay. Hey, umm... Do you want to skip this class and just get the hell outta here?

-Hmm, mysterious Zayn... Okay, let's go! But really fast like run run run!!! - She said as she got up and started running out of class. 

I did the same and after few minutes we were out of school, running on the street.

-My parents are going to kill me if they ever hear about this! - She said, catching her breath after we stopped running.

-Don't worry. Blame everything on me and it'll be fine.

She laughed. I couldn't get over how beautiful she was.

-Listen, Zayn. I don't want to be rude or anything.. But can i be honest? 

-You can tell me anything, really. - I said waiting for her to answer me.

-Is this a date? Like did you ask me out when you said to get the hell out of school? I really want to get things straight and like... I Dont want to get my hopes up if it's nothing you know..

She was standing two inches away from me. I leaned and said:

-Im gonna kiss you.

-And i'm not going to stop you. - She whispered.

And then i closed the half inch gap between us and kissed her.

It was officially the best kiss in my life.


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