The Hunter's Werewolf

Being a werewolf isn’t easy like it looks or sounds like especially being a female, living between two different worlds that is not normal for a regular teenager. Being a high school honor student to a secret life of a werewolf. Having the bloodlines of the oldest, strongest, and powerful pack of the whole country is going to be tough and very complicated at certain times. When your brother and his best friend is the newest and youngest alpha and beta, things will be flipped upside down also be very different from before. The two sisters of the alpha and beta will be next in line for the tittles, if anything happens to the leaders by birthright the sisters will become the first and also the youngest in the werewolf history. They must learn the secret and history also train to protect their pack from the hunters and rogues who wants to take care of them once and for all. Soon one of the girls will find herself breaking the pack rules and falling in love with the leader of the son.


1. Prologue: Just A Dream


The cool crisp air, the leaves changing different colors, the moist wet grounds of the mud and the dry crunchy leaves, the warm sunlight though the tall trees of the forest, being outdoors for hours and running for a long time without getting tired. That is a few off my favorite things about being a wolf and also is my favorite season because Halloween, pumpkin spice or minty drinks with treats also get to be myself for a while.  I always have this dream where I just run and run, just to get out of the house to get some air to clear my mind from lots of things that is running through my mind. The cool crisp air makes me breath heavy though my nose and muzzle, its kind the of the cold that is like a frozen ice cube in the freezer. The moon shines down though the tall trees of the forest that makes my fur glow sliver color like a glow in the dark shiny sticker. The light breeze tickles and blows though my white fur that makes me shiver in delight. The warm like sticky mud and grass squashes underneath my paws while running though my favorite part of the woods that is on my daily running patrol route.

I couldn’t sleep, so I was dying to go for a run also to clear my mind from a lot of things that isn’t normal for a teenager girl like myself, which shouldn’t be stuck into two different world and have to pretend to be two different people at once. For me it’s easy to sneak out of the huge like pack house mansion. I always sneak out of the house all the time when I need to escape, be alone or something. I know a couple of ways to sneak out of the house like for an example my own private stair case that leads down from my balcony on the second floor or even some other secret ways to sneak out of the pack house without waking my little brother up who tends to get me in trouble with being grounded for like a month, so basically I have to be quiet and try not to make any type of noises to wake him or anyone else up.

As soon as I got there I went straight to the very small lake filled with crystal aquamarine water and drink some the cool taste water while in my wolf form. I can drink this water all day it's the kind of water that makes you drink and drink. When I stop drinking the tasty water I saw my reflection off of the water and boy did I look did I look so much I like my brother in wolf form. I was white like a white chocolate bar with aquamarine water eyes. And my brother was dark chocolate with black eyes, no wonder why I keep biting him when I was little I thought he was a walking candy bar that has to be eaten right away only in his wolf form.

I decided to splash around the water like when I was a younger, playing with the fish what they are so much fun to chase in the water. This place was really pretty and very peaceful, it's my own private very small lake that I found when I was about ten or so I come here often whenever I can. When I was playing like my kid self I went to my club house that I built, I had to do something in my free time and plus I love making awesome stuff. My clubhouse was in the middle of a biggest tree that is around the lake, it was high enough to climb up the  side of the tree and get to have a porch that goes all the way around so I can keep out for people who nosey.

 I climb up to my club house and took a towel that I sneaked out of the house and brought it here with other stuff that I need like extra clothes to food and anything you could think of. I walked in grab a table and begin to shift back into my human form, after I was done I put some clothes on like shorts and tank top since I wasn't girly like my best friend and sister Kaylie. I grab my sketch pad and begin to draw my favorite place which of course my club house and my lake. I'm an art prodigy which is one of my talents that I like anyone to know not even my family, all they want is me to sports kind talent which I don't mind because it’s my other talent. About a half an hour later my drawing was completed, it looks just like what I see when I first got here with a beautiful sunset. I knew that what the time to head home, so once again I had to shift into my wolf because it was faster and much easier. I had my clothes in my month while I checked the clubhouse door and windows to shut and lock and it’s all good before I started to run home.

 About five minutes I was going to be home, all suddenly I heard a noise sounds like a tree branch broke a couple of times. I could hear and feel my heart pounding super-fast, oh my god please don't let be a hunter or a drunk person who must be hiking while trespassing on my family land. I saw something moving behind a tree trying to get a look at me, when I knew it was dangerous but I really want to find out who was that. I could smell and hear that person was close, and it wasn't a normal human smell it was a hunter. All I could think is how am I going to find who this person is and how am I going not freak myself out while having a panic attack. Then I notice it was a teenage guy with brown long like hair that isn't too long just right, brown eyes which I can drool any day, he was about a couple of inches taller than me and he looks so sexy with his glasses on, he reminds me of a hot geek kind of guy who into technology and SY-FY stuff and he was looking right at me. I just stared at him for a couple of minutes then ran off, until I was finally home.

When I finally made it home I couldn't stop thinking of that guy, I wonder why was he in the woods close to my favorite secret place maybe he was looking for something but why there and why did he see me in my wolf form. I am starting to get really scared, that I ran to my room without making a sound and crawled in my bed and passed out cold. I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock, I was hot, having a bit trouble with breathing, face all red, and sweaty that you could tell that I had a creepy dream. I can't believe that I had a dream like that its and I need to remind myself that I got to  switch the sound to radio gosh that sound is pissing me off, next time I might throw it out of the window. Now that I'm awake it time to start my day and whoo-hoo I got school great I just have to get this day over with so I can just chill and maybe get to have free time after school.

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