The Hunter's Werewolf

Being a werewolf isn’t easy like it looks or sounds like especially being a female, living between two different worlds that is not normal for a regular teenager. Being a high school honor student to a secret life of a werewolf. Having the bloodlines of the oldest, strongest, and powerful pack of the whole country is going to be tough and very complicated at certain times. When your brother and his best friend is the newest and youngest alpha and beta, things will be flipped upside down also be very different from before. The two sisters of the alpha and beta will be next in line for the tittles, if anything happens to the leaders by birthright the sisters will become the first and also the youngest in the werewolf history. They must learn the secret and history also train to protect their pack from the hunters and rogues who wants to take care of them once and for all. Soon one of the girls will find herself breaking the pack rules and falling in love with the leader of the son.


4. Chemistry Legends


The next morning after waking up from the loud awful noise of my alarm clock, which i am now debating if i should really get up and throw it out of my second floor door window.  My alarm clock can get very annoying at times or doesn't go off which makes me almost late for school sometimes. I woke up to a fluff of mess in my face, I turned my head to look over the left and saw my baby sister sleeping against me which means she must have a either a nightmare or just didn't want to sleep in her own room due to the guys who keep telling horror stories or showing her horror movies. As soon as I get my hands on them they will learn a good lesson, who in the hell scares a four year old to having nightmares and other problems. I honestly don't mind if she sleeps here or joins my girly sleepovers with Kaylie and other girls from the cheer team, those girls loves her to the point where they consider as part of them and like a little sister to them. I saw her little stuff animal wolf name Luna, which I gave it her when a she was a baby and it's basically like her safety object. Sometimes I find it in my sports bag or backpack as in a way of cheering me up, although it's not necessary for her to do that but it's one of the sweetest things she does. Anyways, her eyes flew open and yawn then smiles which melts my heart then she said….


“Morning Char, I had a nightmare again due to the boys telling me some horror  stories like one is going to haunted me so bad I wouldn't able to turn wolf when it's my turn” while rubbing her eyes after just waking up.


“The boys shouldn't scare you like that, how about we go teach them a lesson after we go wake up Kaylie then go get some breakfast” i told her while stretching my arms in the air.


“Yes let's do it, they all fell asleep in movie theater room, ooo… let's soaked them with water guns from the game room” she said while giggling.


“Perfect, at least don't have to share a bathroom with those smelly mutts and besides it's a girls bathroom they aren't allowed to be in there without our permission” I said while with grain on my face while getting up from the bed taking Hazel with me in my arms.


A few mixtures later we have arrived at Kaylie’s bedroom in our pj’s, I was going to knock but all off all of suddenly…


*BOOM!! Sound of door getting kicked open by a child with a childish loud Rawr, and Kaylie waking up screaming on top of her lungs*


“Jez Haz, you scared the bloody hell out of me. We should put a cat collar with a bell on you, I was deeming of a hot guy from school” she said sounding tired.


“I'm sorry I didn't mean too, I thought it would be cute” she said while her sad puppy eyes with fake tears and proud.


“You should have seen your face Kay, it was funny and priceless too.” I said while laughing.


“Oh whatever, I hope next time it's your turn for a nice so wake up call at six am in the freaking morning” she said while putting her long messy brown hair in a ponytail.


“Bring it on, besides the guys made Hazel had a night terror and she couldn't find you because you was out on date so she slept in my bed last night.” I told her while playing with Hazel hair into a little ponytail.


“Sorry I was out late, I wished we could have a girly sleepover” she said while putting her slippers on.


“it's okay, now we can go scare the boys and give them a lesson” Hazel said while rubbing her hands together with a evil grin on her face.


About five minutes later we have reached the movie theater room ready to teach those boys a lesson on not to scare Hazel. We all got our water guns ready with ice cold water and made our plan to scare them so good that they don't even want to scare her again. We was dressed in all black head to toe, we slowly enter the the room where the boys fast asleep while having chocolate on there faces from the cake. As soon and I was going to take a picture of them sleeping I accidentally started to take a video, all of suddenly Hazel jump onto the couch and yelled “Rawr!!” so loud it scared the boys so good that they fell off the couch with big thump sound.  We are laughed for while, then decided to get ready for school.


When we got to school it was the second day of school which means we all have different classes than yesterday due to the whole A-B school schedule days. Today i have chemistry, history, gym and some other classes that i don’t remember.  As soon as i got to my locker i gather some school supplies, notebooks and books for my morning classes. I stuffed some of my granola bar into my mouth while walking into my first period, when someone bumped into that causes me to lose my balance and making me fall on the floor which I almost broke the cast off of my right lower arm. I looked up from sitting on the floor holding my cast in place when I saw a familiar face.


“Sorry miss I didn't see you… oh hey Charlie, I'm sorry I bumped into you I got lost looking for this classroom” he said while looking all over the classroom trying not to make eye contact with me.


“Yeah sure you didn't see me, I was front of you. What are you blind as a freaking bat” I said while in pain and pissed off at the same time.


“Well yeah actually I am, I was in a rush this morning because i was late and couldn't find my glasses.” he said while looking at the floor which he still can't make eye contact with me.


“Next time you are in a rush can you please be careful, I'm the one with the cast on.” I said while walking to my desk in chemistry class.


“I promise to be careful next time, let me make it up to you somehow” he said while finally making contact with having the cutest and saddest puppy face.


The bell rang when I was just about to reply to him, and  the chemistry teacher walked into the room with his white lab coat on a huge cup of coffee in his left hand while looking like he wants to take over the world. He must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or must had one rough summer with teaching summer school. I already know he wants to get this second day over with, I don't blame him I do too. Anyways,  Alecx just happens to sit next to me drawing some kind of picture that I couldn't make out.

When the teacher was finishing getting ready to start the class he said…


“Good morning class, my name is    Mr. Oakland. I am teaching Chemistry one and two this year, so the person you are sitting next too at your lab station is going to be your partner. Please take some time to get to he or she because there is no switching partners in class. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, I don't bite well maybe if you pissed me off then I might which I am joking. Alright since it's not elementary school, I'm not going to make everyone stand up and introduce yourself, because we have a lot to cover. So let's get started, everyone please take out your Chemistry books and turn to first chapter of chapter one and let's get started. Please don't forgot to take out your notebooks and something to take notes with which will be on the projector also in your book. You may write as much as you want but just get the notes off of the PowerPoint, which is the most important. I'm going to let you copy the notes off the PowerPoint which is on the Blackboard too just in case if you miss anything or is absent. Alright let's get started everyone, after notes we are going to do our very first simple project.” he said while putting the noted up so we can all copy them, which of course the first chapter is about lab safety and what are we going to learn in this class.


Alecx who is sitting on my right at our lab table, he was clearly not paying attention while in his little own world i started think of any ideas that can help him snap out of his day dreaming until i finally got a idea which i ended up saying…


“Alexc we have a pop test on the notes, i hope you took notes because well you can’t use your hotness to get out of this pop test. Anyways we do have a our first lab to do if you mind i would like to pass this class before i get my tail in trouble” i said while looking at him angry.


“All right cupcake, wait you brother isn’t here to come after me because i called you thought, he looks scary when he is pissed off while being protective” he said while looking back at me then looking throughout the room.


“No you are safe he already took this class last year and he aced it too, so if we are in trouble with this class we can always ask him or look at his notes he gave me to help” i told him while looking though my twin brother’s Chemistry one and two binder of notes.


“Alright cool i will keep in the mind but if we are i don’t know if we was studying in your room and if you ended up on top of me because i tickled you or something like that, then you brother walked in on us would he get mad and chase me out of the house or something” he said while blushing and looking so cute.


“ Well my baby sister did that with her guy friend from school, he was on top of her pinning her and tickling and oh boy did Colton get pissed about that. “ i said while giggling a bit.


“So what happen to the poor kid, did he go missing or something” he said while getting our lab station set for our lab today.


“Well lets just say every time he saw Colton, he ran away fast and hide really well somewhere in the house and it takes a long time to find him” i said while starting the lab experiment.


“Well at least I'm good at playing hide and seek, no wonder why my little sister gives up after a half of an hour” he said while pouring some kind of chemical liquid into the beaker on the desk.


“I didn't know you had a little sister too, and watch out for the…” I said while in shock when the beaker fell over with the chemical mix.


“Shit sorry cupcake, here let me clean it up” he said while reaching over to grab the paper towels while I grab more than all off suddenly our hands touched and shocked us with this firework Chemistry spark that went though both of our bodies.


All of suddenly the bell ring for the next class, I knew it what it meant by hearing it from old history storied and the whole sex talk with my mom of finding your mate. I am so glad I got the talk from my mother instead of my dad, it would be so embarrassed for both of us but for my brother he is the one who got the whole sex talk from.  Anyways it was so weird when our hands touched while cleaning up the spill, when I get home I should tell my mother that I found my mate but I don't how well my partners and brother will react. As soon as I cleaned up the table up from Chemistry lab, I ran out as fast as I can while trying to not to blush or make eye contact with him.


I ran into my history class room which was with my twin brother, oh great he is the first one I have to tell and I can't lie to him. I hope he doesn't faint or something, he always have my back when it comes to keeping secrets. Well i might as well tell him in class before i tell my parents at some point, I just want to make sure what happen can be real. When I walked I walked right up to Colton and sit down in my desk which was right next his desk. I turned to my brother and said…


“Hey Colt, ummm… I think I found my soulmate and well umm… he is a human” I said while looking down at my legs while trying not to make eye contact with him.


“Hey twinny, wait what did you just say and look at me this time” he said sounding kinda angry or something.


“I said I think I found my soulmate and he is a human. I didn't know I would find mine before we turned sixteen. His name is Alecx, he is in my art and chemistry class also is on the football team. He is also the boy who I introduced to everyone at the lunch table yesterday. Please don't tell anyone right now, can we keep it as our twin secret for now” I said to him while making eye contact with him because since he is the alpha it would be rude not to make eye contact with him.


“Well i didn't get to meet mine yet but soon I will soon before we both turn sixteen.  I won't tell anyone it's our secret, but we will talk about this at some point soon in private.” he said while giving me a surprise twin hug.


History class was boring, all we did was taking notes about how to write a history paper and talked about our art and history project that was due in a couple of weeks. Anyways I'm stuck with Alecx, which i can't switch so this should be fun working with him. Since my twin knows what happens today, I know he is happy for me but worried on what can happen because in our we rarely have a wolf and human who is are solemates. The day went by past fast, which this morning we all took one car to to school which on the way home I barely talk so I don't have to bring up what happen with Alexc or have one of these types of talks that will last for a long time. When I got home I went right to my room not saying anything, I just wanted to be left alone and just draw or write for a while. I also wanted to be left alone, so I can think on what happen, how to deal with it and how do I tell my parents.

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