Forever and Always (A Harry Styles fanfic)

17 year old Kasey Smith is woken one morning because of a moving truck frustrated she and next door and meet the one and only Harry Styles. They fall in love instintly but at a party she is attacked only to wake up 3 months later not remembering Harry and thinks she's in love with Niall. Harry tries to help but his words trigger bad memories and only the irish voice can get her out. Find out what happens next and read it!!!!!!A/N: This is my 1st fanfic so no rude comments plz........ Tanks :) ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :)


30. Your worst nightmare

Roxy's P.O.V:

I sit crying into Niall's arms as Harry explains whats happened. I cant believe someone would want to take Kasey she never dis anything wrong. Shes mu best friend knowing some creep has her locked up somewhere just kills me. I jump to my feet making Harry stop talking and the boys look at me. "I'm not just gonna sit here and wait for cops to come to her resuce we need to get as much information as we can. I'll call her family and friends. Niall you and Zayn go and try to get the word out to look for her. Harry you and Louis are gonna go through her things and find clues." they all nod and run to what they need to do.

Harry's P.O.V:

Louis and I charge upstairs. Splitting up Lou goes and look at things in Niall's room and I got through the few things we've brought into my room. Throwing things from a little white teddy bear to a family picture I frantically search of anything. As i near the bottom I see a small white book. I open it up and read the name in the book- This Journal Belongs to: Kasey Ann Smith.

Her diary... I mean journal. I hear Louis coming into the room I quickly hide it under my pillow. "Hey, I found some poems and letters. There could be something in them." I nod and follow him downstairs leaving the journal upstairs. On my way down my phone goes off....

Kasey's P.O.V:

I wiggle around in my 'bed' trying to wiggle my phone out of my pocket. Michael and Butch laid sprawled out snoring like crazy. I hear a thud signaling me i got it out. I lay back so i can grab it with my hand. Trying to remember everything on my phone i click it open. It makes a small noise bit but doesn't disturb anyone. I click around hoping I'm in my contacts. I scroll a bit and click a random name and wait for an answer.

"PAPA PETE'S PIZZA PALACE!" started blaring through my phone I quickly cover in with my bum and look at Michael who only rustled around. I what for the voice to stop and click off the contact. I close my eyes trying to remember were his contact is. I scroll a bit and click on a name. I hear it start to ring and quickly lay on my stomach so my mouth is by the phone. 

"Kasey, were are you are you ok?"
"I-I dont know im scared."
"Where are you?"
"I dont know?" i wine again. My eyes fill with tears.
"...." his end goes silent.
"Harry? Harry!" i hear laughing and see Michael standing over me. He bent down grabbing my phone and putting it to his ear.
"Hello, Harry......who is this?" he laughed kicked dirty in my face. "Your worst nightmare."
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