Forever and Always (A Harry Styles fanfic)

17 year old Kasey Smith is woken one morning because of a moving truck frustrated she and next door and meet the one and only Harry Styles. They fall in love instintly but at a party she is attacked only to wake up 3 months later not remembering Harry and thinks she's in love with Niall. Harry tries to help but his words trigger bad memories and only the irish voice can get her out. Find out what happens next and read it!!!!!!A/N: This is my 1st fanfic so no rude comments plz........ Tanks :) ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :)


27. Trapped

Kasey's P.O.V:

I wake the next morning feeling a bit cold. I squint my eyes open and Harry's not in the room. Sighing I get up and jump in the shower. Once out i walk back into the room in just a towel and grab some clothes. Dropping the towel i quickly slide on my undergarments humming along to 'Wanted by Hunter Hayes' as i slip on my pants i feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me. "Nice view back here." i smile turning to face him and button my pants up. "Morning." i say as i grab my shirt. "god morning beautiful here let me help with that." i give him a look as he nice and easily slip my shirt over my head. His fingers graze my stomach causing me giggle. 

"Someones a bit ticklish this morning." he said taking my hand and kissing it. I blush. "you have no idea." im probially one of the most ticklish people ever. When i went to the doctor and they touch your stomach for who knows what it tickled like crazy. "oh really?" his eyes looked mischievous. My smile fades then im thrown on the bed and tickled. "ahh Har-reh stop it." i grab his hands and he pulled me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and kiss him passiontaly. I love his so much. He's my rock without him I don't know what i'd do. We pull away and rest our foreheads together. He smiled sitting me down and kissing my forehead.

"we have to go down to the studio again today and your coming with me." i smile and hug him. "come on lets go we'll take my car." i nod and follow him hand and hand downstairs snagging a banana on my way out. "where are the boys?" i question as we jump into his ferrie and back out. "Already there i took longer so you could sleep." he smiled. I kiss his cheek and take his hand. "have i ever told you youre the best boyfriend ever?" i ask. He shakes his head smiling. "well now i have." he snicked and kissed my had. "and youre the best girlfriend ever." my heart flutters. 

We pull in and walk into the studio hand and hand. "hey finally the two lovers are here!" Zayn said making everyone look at us. I squeeze Harry's hand my way of saying I'm uncomfortable. We walk in and sit down just like we did yesterday. Pulling out my phone I go on Twitter. "What ya doin'?" Harry ask laying his head on my shoulder and watching me tweet: 'I have the most amazing boyfriend ever he's just so perfect how did i get to be with him??? :) <3'. "Because you're perfect to me and i love you." i smile as he kisses my cheek. Laying my head back i slowly fall asleep as Harry plays with my hair and holds me close. My sleep was light I could hear people talking all around me. "Harry don't touch her bum again mister." i hear Louis yell/whisper. I grab his hand and sit it in my lap to shut Lou up. My slumber is interrupted by Harry's warm body leaving me. Open my eyes to see him walking into the little room and singing. I lay sprawled out on the couch my legs in Niall's lap and my head in Zayn's. I cover my eyes from the light and groan. "wake up carrot princess cause you're lover is singing your song." i wine again then Lou tossed some headphones at me. I slip them on listening to him singing a song I've never heard. 

"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me." i smile at his sexy deep voice. 

After a bit the door opens and someone walks in. moving my hand i see Mr.Berg standing over me. I jump. "sorry to scare you sweetheart i just need your help with something." i nod and get up following him out the door. We walk silently out the emergency exit. Theres a blank white truck. Following Mr.Berg to the back he asks me to open the door. I do and its empty as i turn around a cloth is shoved I'm my mouth and a bag over my head. I try to pull it off but huge arms restrain me and throw me in the back of the truck. I try screaming as i fell cold metal clicking around my hands and around another cold object. The truck cranks and I'm stuck in the back of the truck trapped and scared.
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