Forever and Always (A Harry Styles fanfic)

17 year old Kasey Smith is woken one morning because of a moving truck frustrated she and next door and meet the one and only Harry Styles. They fall in love instintly but at a party she is attacked only to wake up 3 months later not remembering Harry and thinks she's in love with Niall. Harry tries to help but his words trigger bad memories and only the irish voice can get her out. Find out what happens next and read it!!!!!!A/N: This is my 1st fanfic so no rude comments plz........ Tanks :) ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :)


18. So you're saying I'm crazy?

Louis' P.O.V:

Harry came in the kitchen red faced with tears. "Whats wrong Hazze Boo?" I ask as my serious side comes out. "Kasey...she's scared of me." he said bursting into tears. "What happened?" all the boys but Niall were in the room we sit on the bar stool as Harry explaines what happened to us.

"Well it could be serious we need to get her to a doctor." Liam said being Daddy Direction as always. We nod in agreement and walk upstairs into Niall's room. Kasey was crying in Niall's arms his holding her close and singing in her ear. "Niall...Kasey." Zayn said pulling their attchen to us. "We talked and we think Kasey should go see a doctor. Kasey looked at Niall frightened but he gave her a reasureing smile.

"Come on Kasey." I said. She slowly got up and walked into my arms avoiding Harry's gaze. "OK, hold on let me get my jacket." Niall said getting up and reaching for a black sweat shirt on his dresser. "Um... Mate I think it's best if you stay here." I didn't want to hurt him in anyway but he is taking it to far with Kasey I mean Harry and her were basically a thing when the accident happened. He looked down, "Oh." he sat on his bed and grabbed his laptop. "Ok, I'll chat with the fans I guess."

We walk back downstairs meetin at the end of the stairs. "We can't all go. Harry stay here we don't need this to happen again, Niall seems pretty hurt so I'll stay here too so Louis you and Zayn can take her." Liam said taking charge. We walk her to my porche and drive out and to the doctors roaring past the paps and news crews.

Kasey's P.O.V:

We sat in the cold witing room. My legs shaking with fear. What wrong with my that Louis and the others wanted me to go to the doctor? Louis puts his hand on my knee calming me down. "It's ok." he smiled. I nodded sinking in my chair. Moments later a plump woman came, "Kasey Ann Smith?" we got up and followed her to my room. It was plain white walls, chairs even the light were a bright white colour. The doctor came in smiling. "Hi, I'm Dr.Zamora." she said shaking our hands and sitting in one of the chairs. "So I hear theres a problem, miss Kasey, tell me what it is." I twiddle my thumbs being a bit shy. Louis and Zayn grab my hands making me stop and talk.

"I had an ex-"

"Micheal?" she asked as she wrote down every word I said.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Your friends here." she used her pen and pointed to Zayn and Louis.

"Well, MICHEAL, he would hit day we got in a hge fight and I went to my friend Zeke's house to get away." I start to tear up but Louis and Zayn keep me stable. "Hhhee found outt and came to his house and was yelling.....then he pulled and gun and shot Zeke and beat and cut my again... He was my best friend bt I wasn't aloud to have any. Micheal said they would just bring me down and I didn't listen. If I had stayed with Micheal this wouldn't have happened!" the tears were falling and I couldn't stop them. Louis whispered comforting words in my ear like Niall did earlier.

Dr.Zamora nodded sood up and walked out the door. "Louis what is wrong with me? I should have stayed! I should have let him beat me! If I stayed with him Niall and Harry wouldn't fight! is it me...?Why did Harry and Niall fight about me?" I said into his shoulder as Zayn rubbed my back. "Beacuse they love you Kasey they love you." I was stunned for a second then remember then moment I first meet Harry. His cheeky smile, brown curls, emerald green eyes then it disapeared just like that. We wait for about an hour the boys sang, talked and let me play on their phones to keep me from breaking down again.

Once the doctor came in she wasn't smiling ...oh no something wrong with me. Zayn squeezed my hand pulling me from my thoughts. "Kasey, boys, I went though some documnets, read your story and looked at you x rays from the hospital........" she took a deep breath. "I have come to an conclusion.....I think you maybe have schizophrenia." Louis face went pale but Zayn asked, "What is schizophrenia?"

"A mental disorder that makes it hard to tell what is real and not also can be triggered by events and words. She may get really sleepy, dizzy, gain weight, have emotion problems. It's hard to say how long she will be like this but--" I look at her with confusion, I cut her off. "So you're saying I'm .....crazy?" she didn't answer just left the room. Louis payed the bill as I cryed in Zayn's arms. I'm crazy thats why all this is happening. Niall and Harry fighting, the flashback,.....Harry's face after my 'attack'...

** I tried my best to make it entertaining and get research on her condition but it was hard to work it in the story I hope you like it though**    ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :) 

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