Forever and Always (A Harry Styles fanfic)

17 year old Kasey Smith is woken one morning because of a moving truck frustrated she and next door and meet the one and only Harry Styles. They fall in love instintly but at a party she is attacked only to wake up 3 months later not remembering Harry and thinks she's in love with Niall. Harry tries to help but his words trigger bad memories and only the irish voice can get her out. Find out what happens next and read it!!!!!!A/N: This is my 1st fanfic so no rude comments plz........ Tanks :) ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :)


13. Karma's a bitch :)

Niall's P.O.V:

Liam was quiet the whole way home, Louis and Zayn played with the radio, Harry was texting someone and smiling every time his phone lite up. I'm guessing it's Kasey. I fix my hair a bit then pull out my phone and text Josh.

Niall~ Wanna come over and hang out later?

Josh~cant band practice

Niall~ aw man :(

I put my phone back in my pocket. I'm so bored I just look out the window was wach was thousands of trees and houses pass my view. I lick my lips still a hint of cherry. I decided to text Kasey hoping that she'll answer.

Niall~ Hey :)

Kasey~ hi

Niall~look im sorry idk what came over me its just.....idk :(

Kasey~ it's ok...

Niall~ ok r we still good?

Kasey~ yeah  :)

Niall~ good :) come over later plz

Kasey~ ok i'll bring Roxy


Kasey's P.O.V:

I texted Harry for a bit. Sending eachother little 'special' messages. He has a nasty mind don't let that inisent look tell you he doesn't! My phone beeps again but its not's Niall. He appologized about what happened but i don't know what to say. I go for the answer he wanted 'it's ok' after our texting I now have plans to go over there but I'm bringing Roxy.

A car horn beeps outside my window, pulling it to I see Louis' smiling face waving at me. I smile and wave back. Zayn thows his head over and waves too. In the back I see Niall just looking up at me with no expression on his face. Lou points to his house basically asking me to come over I nod and close my window.

"Roxy come on we are going to Harry's!" I yell running downstairs and grabbing the TV remote and clicking the telly off.

"Hey!" Roxy yelled back giving me a look. " Finn and Jake we about to go beat up the ice king.....again." Roxy and I are 17 well Roxy's 18 but anyways in America basically in your teen years you like crazy stuff. Adventure Time and Regular Show are a part of that.

"Get up now we're going to Hazza's." I cry.

"Hazza......." she got up smiling. "Nice nickname." she joked smiling and walked past me. I give a confused look and we walk out the door. I hear Louis screaming from our yard. I laugh as we jogged up to their door and knock.

Liam answers he looks ok not depressed at all. We smile as he invites us in. I give him a hug and turn to see a pouting Louis.

"I see how it is carrot princess." he wined poking out his bottom lip.

"Carrot Princess?" questionally I give him a hug. He smelled really good.

"Yeah that's your nickname." he smiled proud of himself.

"Well I need to get you one." I smile and look for Harry.

"Harry's upstairs in his room.....if you want to go see him." Lou raised his eyebrows misheviously. I smile and head upstairs. Harry's door is closed, I knock not wanting to barg in.

"Come in." his british accent chimed. Opening the door I see his sitting shirtless laying on his bed playing with his phone. My face goes red with akwardness. I will say though he looks beautiful. "Hey, love." he says patting his bed. I close the door and lay down next to him.

"hey." he hugged me heating up my cold arms with his warm body. I hug back then settle looking at his phone. Scrolling through his twitter reading mentions and answering a few back.

"I followed you yesterday." I smile as he grabbed my arm and pulled me over. Clicking around a bit then seeing his new followers. I point to me as he clicks on my profile scrolls through a few of my tweets then follows back. "Don't be nosin' around my stuff." I jokingly smack his chest.

Giving me a look he rubbed the spot i hit then said, "That's my nipple missy."

"No, mister I didnt I hit your ribs." I give him a look back.

"Not if you have four!" his eyes widened as he poked my side.

Yelping I repy back. "You have four nipples?" A smile of proudness covered his perfect lips. He nodded then pointed to each one. "Wow, normal people only have two."

he looked hurt, "Are you saying I'm not human?"

Laughing I nod my head 'yes' then jump off his bed and to the door. He jumped from his bed and over to me grabbing my sides and thowing me over his shoulders. I squeal as he spins me around then thows me on his bed and jumps on top laughing and out of breath. The smile disapears as he seachers my face only inches from his. Looking into his eyes I can see peices of blue in them and brown around the purple. His necklace fell from his neck and layed on my chest as the gap slowly closed.

"KNOCK!KNOCK!" someone yelled from the otheside of the door. Harry sighed and got up to answer the door was I sat up and fixed my hair and shirt. On the otherside as Louis of course. "Pool Party!" he yelled grabbing Harry and I's hands and dragging usdown stairs. "Niall is setting up declorations with Roxy, Liam is calling quest and Zayn is cooking so the only jobs left is to clean the pool." he smiled big as he haned us each a pool net and ushered us to the padio and locked the door behind us.

"Well, we better get started." I began rounding up the leaves and putting them in the trash can to the side. After about 15 minutes My neck was burning up so I put my hair down rolled up my pant legs and took off my shoes. "Hot?" Harry questioned as I threw my shoes to the side. I nod and pick up the pool net agin resuming what I was doing. "Well, maybe this will help." the net was dripping and he decided it would be smart to flip water on me. I gasp and yell, "STYLES!" he just stood their laughing . "Thats not even cool, Harry I'm gonna get ya back."

"Well then you better saddle up your pony and come get me." he mocked my accent. I would normally be mad when someone made fun of my southern accent but it was cute when he did it. "Well, kind sir will you and your four nipples fetch my horse and some tea?" I did in an ok British accent pinching my lips together. "Nice.' he smiled, then came up to me. "Since we are alone... how about we finish what we started earlier."  we still werent a couple but he grabbed my waist and leaned down. My heart thrumped in my through as his warm breath hit my neck. I shiver at his touch as he kisses my neck then my lips. A tingleing feeling came and then the army of butterflies. Then out of the blue I heard screaming. I looked up and only saw stripes before I hit the cold water.

I came up gasping for air with a shocked Harry and a laughing Louis staring down at me. "What was that for?" I questioned getting pretty mad. I felt my cheeks get red with anger as my fist clench under the water. "You kissed my Hazza!" he sassyily stated snapping his fingers. I swam to the edge grabing the side and trying to pull myself up. With Harry's help I got out and squeezed out my hair. "Eww! Your all wet." Roxy said coming to the door with a confused Niall. I look to Louis with a devious smile on my fade. "Need a hug Boobear?" I asked opening my arms. "Oh hell no! I'm not getting wet." he put his hands up.

"Come on just one hug." I stepped toward him and he sepped back. "I'm warning you carrot princess." he turned and run at the door as Roxy and Niall race to close it. "LET ME IN!" he yelled pounding the door. Nialla and Roxy smiled and waved like they couldn't hear him. They we're really cute together. Harry snick up behind Lou and grabbed his arms and spun him around. " Get him Kasey!" Harry yelled. I smile and run and giving him a big, wet, bear hug. "Aww man!" I smile as I let go and kiss his cheek. "Karma's a bitch."

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