Forever and Always (A Harry Styles fanfic)

17 year old Kasey Smith is woken one morning because of a moving truck frustrated she and next door and meet the one and only Harry Styles. They fall in love instintly but at a party she is attacked only to wake up 3 months later not remembering Harry and thinks she's in love with Niall. Harry tries to help but his words trigger bad memories and only the irish voice can get her out. Find out what happens next and read it!!!!!!A/N: This is my 1st fanfic so no rude comments plz........ Tanks :) ~Hope (Superman) Styhone :)


7. Brandon

Haliee's P.O.V:

God, these boys are loud and this head ache isn't helping. "Kase, I'm gonna go to the house and sleep."I said grabbing my dress and walking out the door. "Bye boys thanks for the party." I walked on the cold street and right next door to sleep. As I unlock the door and step into the empty house a wave of neusia hits me. I run to the bathroom, pucking my guts out. "Uhhhhh!" I wine this is going to be a long day.

Kasey's P.O.V:

After Haliee left, Harry came downstairs drying his hair. "Hazza!" Louis said smacking Harry's bum as he walked by. "Ohhh!" Harry said turning and shooting Louis alook. "Hey don't touch his bum it's not yours." Zayn joked. "Yeah it's Kasey's now." Louis said raising his eyebrows playfully. I blush and turn away from them.

The spot next to me sinks in and puts his arm around my shoulder. I turn and he Harry throwing his towel into the clothes bin and turning to me. "The boys give you trouble?" He questioned giving the boys an evil look. I laugh. "No, Harry I'm fine."

"Movie time!!!" Niall yelled grabbing the remote and scrolling though the channels. "What movie?" he said turning to us. "Toy Story!" "Family Guy!" movie titles shouted everywhere. "Kasey what movie do you want to watch?" all eyes were on my making me insurcure. I hated being center of attenchen. "Um........ Titanic?" Naill flipped a few more channels then stopped on Titanic. "Good choice love." Harry said pulling my close. I lay my head on his chest hearing his heart beat.

My cold body heated by his. I snuggle with Harry on the couch when Louis jumps in front of us snaps a picture and sits down. Moments later Harry's phone goes off. He grabbs it sees its from twitter and looks. There the picture of my and Harry snuggling with the words. 'Cute couple huh? XD #loveforever'. There were only two comments for now one said '@elizaluvslouis: who is this chick Harry could do better.' the other '@spoonsforevergone: Awwww their so cute if Harry's happy so am I :). I smile at that and turn to finish the movie.

Niall's P.O.V:

I'm not going to lie Kasey is beautiful. I knew Harry liked her from the start and I tried to keep it just him. But, she so sweet, funny and ....just amazing. It made me jealous seeing them cuddle on the couch and I found out Louis found them kissing in Harry's bed this morning. I want to be with her but I don't want conflict between me and Hazz. I'll just have to try and win her heart.

Kasey's P.O.V:

After the movie I went up stairs and grabbed my phone off the dresser. Unlocking it I see I have 2 miss calls and 4 text messages from Haliee. I opened one and it said, 'KASEY GET OVER HERE QUICKLY I NEED YOU!!!!!!!!' That was 2 minutes ago. I wave of fear hits me and I running quickly down the stairs. "Sorry boys I have to go now!" I said giving them all a quick hug and running out the door.

Running in the door I tripped over the rug and slid on my bum. I quickly get back up and run into the livingroom. Haliee's on the couch cries red with tears. "Oh my god! Haliee what's wrong?" I ran to her side wrapping my arms around her. "It's Brandon." Brandon is Haliee's boyfriend from backing the U.S. They had the cutiest relationship. He called her every night and sent her videos about how much her loved her. I alway wished for a relationhip like that.

"He was riding his dirtbike in reagionals and..... he wrecked. My Mom called and said he was badly injured and on his way to the hospital," tears where falling from her creeks to her hands and phone. "He slipped into a coma." I gasp not only was Brandon Haliee's boyfriend he was one of my best guy friends. I had introduced them together 2 1/2 years ago. "I'm sorry Haliee." She wipped the tears away. "It's ok..... My Mom got me tickets for the next flight home... it leaves in 2 hours."

We went up stair and silently packed her bags. The only noise was the occasional sobbing from one of us. Once done I offered to take her to the airport and we talked about our plans to update eachother on whats happening. As we pulled in my promise not to cry was broken. She was in line for her plane when she turned around running back to me. Wrapping me in a hug he whispered, "I'm gonna miss ya. Tell Roxy I said 'hi' when she comes." I had forgot about Roxy coming. I hugged her back saying the same and to tell my parents and Brandon I miss them.

I watched as her plane left, disapearing into the now dark sky. I made my way back to my car and headed home.

**Poor Haliee I am proud to present Roxann (Roxy) she is based on my best friend Sabina (Batman) Horan read her fanfic please. Tanks :)                                               

~Hope (Superman) Styles :)


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