Five boys One dream

Haylee Jones is 18 her mom died when she was 15 and since then her father abused her the only way to feel whole and felt like she had a purpose was listening to One Direction but the abuse got worse her father now rapes her. Will she get out of her fathers grasp? Read to find out!:)


8. Seeing an old friend

(ill put the clothes in the comments)

Haylee's p.o.v

i woke up in Niall's arms i looked up at him and smiled he was sound asleep. I kissed his lips he fluttered his eyes open "morning babe" he smiled god i loved his morning voice "hi" i smiled and snuggled into his chest "we have to get up soon" i mumbled into his bare chest "i dont wanna" he laughed and kissed my head "but we have to unless you want to feel the wrath of Mr.Payne" i giggled "fine" he laughed and got up we both got changed and went downstairs "Morning" i smiled and wrapped my arms around Louis neck from behind "morning" they all smiled (haylee's wearing this ) "that sweatshirt looks familiar" smiled Harry "really?" i joked "i just found this old thing in the back of your closet" i laughed Harry laughed we sat down with them and ate breakfast.

~le after breakfast~

"we should go to the mall today" i smiled "yeah that sounds like a good idea" smiled Liam "Leggo!" i screamed and ran to the front door "Lou i'm stealing your black toms!" i smiled and slipped them on my feet. We were in the mall Liam and i were in Claire's buying Zayn earrings since its almost Christmas "Oh my god! Haylee!" i herd from a different isle i looked over and it was my old friend Charlotte "Char!" i smiled ran and hugged her "How have you been" she smiled widely "well...uh....i kinda ran away from the beast" i laughed i referred "beast" to my father "thats amazing! im so proud!" she smiled i soon remembered that Charlotte was a huge fan of One Direction "oh Char guess who i'm here with!" "Lemme guess One Direction" she smiled thinking i was lying "actually yes" i smiled she chuckled "then please give Mr.Liam Payne my number" she laughed "well okay stay here" i smiled and went and got Liam when i came back she was turned around "hey Charlotte i'm back" i giggled and saw her eyes widen as she saw who i was standing with "L-Liam  P-Payne" she smiled "yup LiLi this is Charlotte Holiday she used to work at the nursery i worked at" i smiled "hi" he smiled and shook her hand and she blushed "thats a very pretty dress" he smiled they talked for some hours until he had to pay for the earrings "dont say anything but i kinda like Liam" she blushed "awwwwww" i smiled "i promise" "Babe? im hungry!" cried Niall as he came up to me and kissed my cheek "your dating Niall Horan!" she laughed "yep" i smiled "come on!" he whined "fine" i giggled "by Char!" i smiled and hugged her i saw Liam give her his number and he walked over to me "does Charlotte like me?" he asked excitedly "yes she does but dont tell her i told you" i smiled i walked ahead and jumped on Niall's back as we walked to the food court today was fun being with my friends. ( Charlotte- )

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