Five boys One dream

Haylee Jones is 18 her mom died when she was 15 and since then her father abused her the only way to feel whole and felt like she had a purpose was listening to One Direction but the abuse got worse her father now rapes her. Will she get out of her fathers grasp? Read to find out!:)


4. Meeting One Direction

*A/N~ before i start  sorry if you got confused about the contest i'm just running out of ideas so your ideas will help me and continue writing  anyway enjoy!~cerri*

Haylee's p.o.v

it has been a week since i got out of the hospital Niall has become my best friend and i'm staying at his house. "Hey Haylee can i ask you a question?" "O.M.G DID NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION JUST ASK ME IF HE COULD ASK A QUESTION?!?!? Haha jk go ahead Niall." he laughed  then looked at his phone and back at me " Well the lads are in town and want to get together do you want to meet them?" i was totally fangirling on the inside he hasn't told anyone about me yet not even the boys so this should be fun."Of course!" i said he chuckled and smiled at me i'm pretty sure i'm falling for him i mean the way his hair is perfect and blonde and his crooked teeth oh and don't forget those baby blues of his they make me melt." well if we are going i better get changed." i hopped off the couch and went to the guest room that's where i'm staying. i threw on my gray skinny jeans a long sleeved aeropostile t-shirt and black flats i tied my hair into a messy bun and did my make-up lightly. I didn't want the other boys to think "Wow look at this skank!" i walked downstairs and Niall's mouth dropped to the floor i laughed " So where are we meeting them?" i asked  "Harry and Louis's new apartment." "Cool!" 20 minutes later  we arrived at their apartment. Niall knocked on the door someone in boxers answered " Oh umm sorry i thought Niall was alone..." "HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!!!!" Niall screamed i covered my eyes and Harry went in to put  clothes on once he was clothed we went in i took my shoes off and when i turned around i was swarmed with questions "Who are you?!" asked Harry " I'm Haylee Niall's friend." i said with a smile the next question was from Louis " Do you like carrots pigeons and truth or dare???" "yes.yes? and yes!" " No more questions we are keeping her!" he said back then it was Liam's turn " Do you like One Direction?" "Of course i love you guys!" they all smiled at me then it was Zayn's turn "Do you have a boyfriend?" "nope not yet." Niall was turned around so he didn't see me look at him during that question then i could feel my cheeks burn because i was blushing. I looked back at them and they swarmed me with hugs. After they hugged me Liam pulled me to the side " I know you like him." he said "So?" i replied " He likes you to." he smiled and so did i i hugged Liam and sat down on the floor i liked having 4 new best friends. 

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