Five boys One dream

Haylee Jones is 18 her mom died when she was 15 and since then her father abused her the only way to feel whole and felt like she had a purpose was listening to One Direction but the abuse got worse her father now rapes her. Will she get out of her fathers grasp? Read to find out!:)


2. Hi I'm Haylee

Niall's p.o.v

I was in Ireland for a month visiting with  Greg my mom and step dad. I got home last night and went straight to my room when i woke up the next morning i found this note Niall, went shopping love you Mom xx. I was alone so i put my coat on and walked to the nearest gas station to get coffee.

Haylee's p.o.v

i was inside getting some coffee i had my bags with me because my top to my car was down anyway i left the keys in the car i didn't think anyone would steal my car as i turned around about to go out of the door  my car was stolen. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" i yelled then this blonde boy came over to me "Do you need a ride?" he asked then everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital with the same blonde in the chair next to my bed. I sat up but when i did my head hurt i then looked over and the guy fluttered his eyes open when he saw me awake he ran over to me " oh my god your awake! are you ok?" he asked "yes i'm fine thank you." i said he must have seen the bruise on my cheek from where my dad hit me. "Whats that bruise from?" " Oh umm i.." i tried so hard to hold back my tears but once he said that the old memories washed back into my brain i started sobbing the blonde boy put  his arms around me it was warm i felt like i belonged in his arms it was nice. "You don't have to tell me now o.k by the way i'm Niall Niall Horan." he smiled at me then it hit me " Hi i'm Haylee Haylee Jones and don't mind me asking are you by any chance in a boy band?" i said with a smile. "Yes i am and i don't mind at all." he smiled again i didn't mind that his teeth we crooked i was just staring in amazement on how cute he was i always saw him on the T.V or when i looked at my posters but he was way more cuter in person. For the next 6hours we talked and got to know each other "Niall the truth about this bruise is when i was 15 my mom died and from that day on he abused me." i lifted up my gown to show him the scars and bruises on my side. "When i was 16 he started raping me and its been going on for 2 years." i started crying and i could see he was about to "That night at the gas station  5hours before that he raped me but then i got all of my stuff and i ran out and drove away." by now Niall was crying i felt loved for once in my life.*A/N~ Heyy:) i will write another chapter after this one because i love all of the support so the next chapter is my thank you to my readers thanks!~Cerri

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