Five boys One dream

Haylee Jones is 18 her mom died when she was 15 and since then her father abused her the only way to feel whole and felt like she had a purpose was listening to One Direction but the abuse got worse her father now rapes her. Will she get out of her fathers grasp? Read to find out!:)


5. Fun Laughter and Romance

*A/N~Hey sorry i haven't been updating like i said i would i just have school work to do i mean i like school(not really) but i would rather be reading and writing movellas lol  *~cerri<3   

Haylee's p.o.v

2 more weeks past and i became really close with all of the boys if something happened  Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall would make sure i was safe and protected kinda like having 5 brothers. I can go to any of them if i need a favor or just to chat and the best part is Louis is my big brother. Not really but that is what our relationship is like  we are always together pulling pranks on the boys one time we straightened Harry's hair we emptied the fridge and hid the car keys from Niall he was really pissed at us. Speaking of Niall i think he likes me and i think i like him back.

Niall's p.o.v

I like Haylee. I really do but i don't think she is ready for a relationship because of her dad. Why was he so god damn cruel? i swear if i see him i will probably end up in jail. i think tomorrow i will take her on a first date and see where we are in our relationship but where should i take her? Laser Tag? Dinner? Movie? i don't know movie and dinner sound cheesy though.

Haylee's p.o.v

" Louis!!!!!!!" i screamed  "Yes hay hay??" " Let's throw spoons at Liam plastic of course!" i said with a laugh "OMG do it!!!!!!!!!" he said Louis grabbed his keys and drove us to the store we bought 2 boxes of plastic spoons ready to throw at him this was going to be awesome!  We walked back in the house and grabbed as many as we could then we waited. " Liam oh Liam could you come here please." i said  " Yeah Haylee hold on." i laughed when he said that then i herd footsteps down the stairs he was in the hallway then it began the great spoon war. " Liam i'm sorry but we were bored so.." i paused he looked scared so i took my hand out from behind my back and started pelting him with spoons of course he ran away screaming like a girl. Finally we ran out of spoons and Louis and i were rolling on the floor laughing i think Louis peed his pants anyway we were sitting on the couch when Liam came in he had his hands behind his back we were scared." Don't worry i don't have anything behind my back." he said he had his swim trunks on " Will you go swimming with me?" he asked we both agreed but instead of going to go get changed we were in pajamas Liam told us not to change. We walked out on to the patio and headed for the swimming pool but instead Liam  told us to stand where we were which was under the ledge by the door Liam whipped out his phone and said " O.K guys now say they got us!" Louis looked confuzed but he smiled anyway "They go...." we were soon silenced by buckets of cold ice water " WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" i screamed i looked up and there standing on the top with buckets was Zayn Harry and Niall  and they were all laughing. I looked at Louis and started laughing " Next time don't through spoons at me!!" Liam said we all went inside. Yesterday the boys let me and Niall come live with them so all of our stuff is in their house "Uhh Niall?" "Yeah Haylee?" " All of my clothes are dirty and i can't wash them can i borrow something of yours?" i asked he said yes and took me in his room to find something. He pulled out a green t-shirt i threw it on and went to my bedroom but before i turned around Niall grabbed my arm " Haylee listen i know we have only known each other for 3 weeks but i ... i love you!" i smiled " You do?!" " Yeah" he said blushing i looked him in his eyes " Niall i love you too not because your famous because i love your personality!" he smiled and crashed his lips on mine i felt passion no one has ever kissed me like that before it was amazing. "Haylee will you be my girlfriend?" " Of course!" i said we kissed again then i saw a flash i pulled away and saw all of the other boys laughing then Harry said " 1 point for curls 0 points for Hay and Lou." I laughed " What is he talking about?" Niall asked " We all have teams like me and Louis are Hay and Lou Harry is curls Zayn is Mirror man Liam is spoon dude and you are  Irish boy." i laughed then Niall did we all sat on the couch downstairs and watched Toy Story. I liked living with the boys i have a family and a boyfriend i smiled just thinking about it.

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