Five boys One dream

Haylee Jones is 18 her mom died when she was 15 and since then her father abused her the only way to feel whole and felt like she had a purpose was listening to One Direction but the abuse got worse her father now rapes her. Will she get out of her fathers grasp? Read to find out!:)


1. Finally Away.

Haylee's p.o.v

I was sitting in my room just wanting him to get home to get this over with then i herd the front door open and someone's slurred yell "I'm home princess!" it was my dad i could tell he was more intoxicated than usual. I herd stomping up the stairs so i pretend to sleep i climbed under my One Direction bed spread and closed my eyes then my bedroom door opened.  He came closer to my bed and slapped me across the face  "good your awake." he said with a smile he then pulled my blonde hair and pushed me in his bedroom as i was pushed i saw a key on his dresser then i thought  escape tonight one more time then it will be over. He grabbed a gag from his bedside table and put it in my mouth he then took all of his clothes off then started taking mine off. I couldn't believe my own father the one that brought me into the world raped me for the last time. When he finished he was to drunk to do anything so he passed out it's a good thing he is a heavy sleeper    . I put my clothes back on and locked him in his room (not without grabbing his wallet of course) it had at least five hundred dollars! of course it was the money he was going to spend at the strip club and the bar. As soon as i locked his door  i ran to my room grabbed all of my clothes shoes etc. then i grabbed my phone and charger plus laptop and charger i grabbed my car keys for the red mini cooper i drive a banana and i got the hell out of there.  I was happy driving because i can and i was free i smiled just thinking about it. *A/N~ Hey so this is my new series i started writing it in study hall and then i kinda found its way on movella so uh this is it! also i have 2 other movellas out carrot lover and my life as jenna malik so check those out too ok bye:)~cerri

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