Nightmare in the Dark

Scarlet is a vampire with a history that haunts her. Luc is trying to find a new life. Together Luc and Scarlet are thrown into a whirlwind of love, hate, fear and torment. Their pasts are catching up with them as they struggle figure out what they have. Join them as they fight for themselves, each other and scarlet’s brother and his fiancé. Can they defeat their history is the past just going to repeat itself?


3. The Plea

She walked into the large hallway of her mansion the ceiling stood twice her height with large marble arches as doorways the floor carpet in a thick luxurious red carpet. The rooms were massive but she barely registered the size as she prowled round the house again. Each room had its’ chandelier lighting and the candles on the walls along with electric up lighting. The kitchen sported a large table, modern furnishings all blended with rich wood to give the same antique feeling as the rest of the house. It was a Mansion straight from the 19th century large and luxurious. Her bedroom was spacious with a large state four poster bed in the middle made of a dark mahogany and rich red velvet curtain drapes. There was also a large wardrobe; two bedside tables; a writing desk; a CD wrack and a set of draws. The room came with a large on suite bathroom holding a spa tub large enough for two; jet shower also for two, basin and toilet.

When she had finished stalking she fell onto her bed starting at the velvet ceiling of her bed. She lay there starting at the ceiling trying to reason away the events of the night. It had been almost a thousand years since she had belonged to the vampire lord and she hadn’t had a guy since. Her thoughts veered back to that time in her life. She had insulted him (not realising who he was) and to make up for her transgression she had become his property, to do with as he wished, for one hundred years. Every second of those one hundred years had been a living hell and a punishment.

She had been there when Lucifer’s mother had become the lord’s property. They had become friends, when the poor girl had been lucid enough to know her own name, sharing the same hell on earth. Her body clenched at the memory of the way he had treated her. Then she fast forwarded to the night before her skin still felt dirty where he had touched her; her stomach clenched when she remembered the way he had addressed her. Her thoughts floated on to Lucifer he was so different from his father, he was gorgeous complementary, honest and he had self-restraint. Her thoughts moved onto the proposal the lord had given her; she couldn’t do it. She had to do it. She turned burying her head in her pillow and cried till she fell asleep. She woke at midday; got up and got dressed. She had just finished tidying her room and grabbing something small to nibble on when her doorbell rang. “Hello Eleanor.”

“Hi. I brought Lucifer along I hope you don’t mind.”

“What?” Eleanor stepped out the way showing Lucifer standing behind her Scarlett quickly pulled herself together and pasted a smile to her face “No. No of course I don’t. Come in. Come in” she led the way into her living room. “Want something to drink?”

“What you got?”

“I’ll have some red sis.”

“Ok. Well we’ve got red wine, white wine… most types of alcohol, Pepsi, lemonade, fruit juices, milk and water. I have some blood as well but it’s bagged.”

“I’ll have some red as well thanks.” He flashed his award winning smile at her “Nice place you got but it looks like a place straight out of the late 1800.” He added as she turned and strolled out of the room. “Yeah it’s my favourite era it was lavish and decadent” She answered over her shoulder before slipping into a completive silence. Why was he here she would have to talk to Eleanor about this later on. She walked into the kitchen and made quick work of pouring the three glasses before topping hers off with a shot of vodka and walking carefully back into the lounge. As she walked in they both turned to face her Lucifer got up walked over and took two of the glasses out her hand he handed one to Eleanor and kept one folding himself neatly into a seat he took a sip. “I’m sorry I should have asked you if it was ok if I came over but you left to quickly yesterday.”

“Well I had a lot on my mind.”

“I suppose you must do” he said but the look he gave her told her that he knew something and he wasn’t going to say in front of Eleanor. “Eleanor you seen Cole yet today?”

“No not yet he was quite worried about you last night he wanted to come and check on you but I said he should leave you alone.”

“Thanks. Why don’t you go find him and pass along this message for me will you?”

“Of course what is it?”

“I’m fine caught up on that history topic for my project but I would love to see him if he wants to drop in at some point.”

“Cool I’ll go pass that on. You ok if he stays here?” she gestured with her thumb at Lucifer. “I’m fine it’s up to him if he stays.” Scarlett got up to see her Eleanor out once she had left Scarlett went back to the living room she wanted to know what he knew.

“So how come you’re visiting me today surely you have better things to do?”

“Oh. Don’t play this game with me I know what my father asked you. What I don’t understand is why he asked you.” his voice was so condescending her anger welled as she raised her eyes to meet his but what she saw was very different to what she heard. He was curious his gaze probing and questioning as he watched her reactions. “He asked me because I can’t refuse him.” She answered her anger deflating and the words coming out on a sigh.

“What do you mean you can’t refuse him?” His eyes were guarded as he watched her questioningly. “I made a mistake that forced me to… that made me… that left me with no other option than… becoming his … Slave.” She answered not quite able to meet his gaze as picked at an imaginary spot of dirt on her jeans. He sat in silence looking at her he pitied her. Eventually unable to take the silence any longer she looked up at him and the compassion she saw in his eyes almost broke her. “I hated it almost as much as I feared death, I fear him enforcing that punishment on me again.” The broken women that sat crumpled in the seat in front of him almost broke his heart. “Your mother was Alison wasn’t she?” Scarlett asked straightening in her seat. “Yeah. How do you know?”

“I was there when he first bought her in. I pitied her and at times I hid her from him so she could live for a while. She hated it more than I did she tried to take her life twice but each time she was caught and punished harshly. When I was set free I stayed nearby to help her but he caught me and sent me far away leaving me a reminder of his power.” Her body shivered and her voice cracked as she recounted the tale she never told. “What reminder did he give you?” Scarlett pulled back the long sleeves of her dress to show the scars where his name had been etched into her arm using poisoned blood. She watched as Lucifer ran his finger lightly over her arm he winced each time his finger brushed a scar she could tell he was feeling an imprint of her memories feeling the pain each mark had caused but that hadn’t been all he had left her. “That wasn’t it was it?”


“What else did he do?”

“As a going goodbye gift he cursed me.” Her voice was clam and steady like she had used the last thousand years to rid herself of all emotion. “What was the curse?”

“If I should ever to disobey him again my body would betray me slowly coming apart till he forgave me. I would be alive as I rotted.” The look of compassion in his eyes tore her apart he understood her fear of his father. But there was something a spark was it admiration she saw there. “He is harsh always has been and always will be. You want to know why he wants me brought in.”


“I took a fancy to one of his young slaves and slept with her unfortunately it broke his spell over her.” He grimaced as he said the words.

“I bet he is really happy with you.” She said but no smile lit her face “Looks like we have a slight problem here.” She looked intently at him studying his features. She knew she had a major problem; she couldn’t hand Lucifer into his father but she didn’t even want to think about the consequences. “He will be looking for your answer tonight.” His voice broke into her thoughts and a half smile pulled at her lips at the defiance in his voice if only he knew how much he should fear his father. “Yes. Yes he will expect an answer and I can say no at the moment because it isn’t an instruction… Yet.” Pain flooded her blue eyes turning them into deep endless pools. The pain was swiftly followed by anger so strong her body shook from it and her eyes turned to ice freezing anyone they touched. Her gaze turned to the window. “It is almost sunset. Stay away tonight; do not go near the club. Now leave I have to get ready.” The gaze that settled on him was steely and hard and as unforgiving as the storm it resembled. He rose so he stood over her his shadow covering her and his eyes dark “Promise me you will stay safe.” He lent forward placing his hands on the arm rests for support he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. His touch was gentle but it spoke a thousand words his lips pressed against hers his tongue moving against the seam of her lips in a silent plea to open to him and after a moment she relinquished control opening her lips and angling her head so she could gain better access to his mouth. His teeth grazed her lip as he drew back a smile of pleasure on his lips “promise me” His breath whispered over her lips and fanned her face as he commanded her. “I can’t, just like I know you will never stay totally away from the club tonight.” Her tone was resigned but pleading as the same time. He had to understand.

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