Nightmare in the Dark

Scarlet is a vampire with a history that haunts her. Luc is trying to find a new life. Together Luc and Scarlet are thrown into a whirlwind of love, hate, fear and torment. Their pasts are catching up with them as they struggle figure out what they have. Join them as they fight for themselves, each other and scarlet’s brother and his fiancé. Can they defeat their history is the past just going to repeat itself?


1. Prologue

She moved a shadow that darted between the thick trunks of old trees. Her senses were on high alert all straining to get this over with. Her movements were lightning fast her senses way better than any normal human but then again she wasn’t human. She was hunting in perfect sync with her brother as they moved towards their chosen targets. They only needed blood twice a week and these needs were met by donors but every now and again she had to kill.

She never killed people she prided herself on that but instead she hunted and killed animals. She tensed she heard the steady flow of the stream, the wind whispering in the empty boughs above her head and something else. The thing she both wanted and didn’t want to hear the steady beat of a heart.  She focused in on the sound and moved toward it her feet barely touching the ground as she ran.

Then she saw them in front of her there were two deer she moved fast so they wouldn’t see her. She sank her fangs deep into the creature’s neck feeling the blood with its coppery taste ran down her throat filling her stomach, her veins and flooding into her mussels. She focused on the taste and the feeling within her trying to block out the now faint sound of the heart as she drained the last of its blood.  When she had finished she turned leaving swiftly from the death she had caused, bile raising in her throat she hated death. It was ironic really the thing she hated the most the one thing that kept her alive. She saw her brother flanking her as she headed back to the city. She walked down the familiar streets heading towards her favourite club, the fangs. It was run by a vampire couple though no one would ever know it.

She stalked in her activities that night making her feel uncomfortable she still hated to kill. She decided to be different tonight ordering a southern sunset, four shots vodka; two shots whisky; a quarter glass fizzy cherry. Her brother wasn’t going to be here tonight he was with his girlfriend. She pulled her hair down fluffing it with her fingers till it resembled the styles out of the magazines. She often considered a career as a model everyone told her she should be one. Dressed in a striking red dress she slicked her way onto the dance floor and it wasn’t long till the guys were offering to buy her drinks they were all good looking she suspected that only good looking guys got in. She smiled and accepted most of them knowing that they would barely affect her.

 A wave of fear passed through her surprised by the unusual emotion she froze her senses searching the room. She found its source and she nearly heaved. OMG. Why was he here? What did he want? She felt his eyes settle on her boring into her back she spun to face him letting him know she knew he was there. Her muscles were tense ready to leap. Her mind whirling as emotions and memories fought to the surface of her mind. The lord of the vampires didn’t pay surprise visits unless he wanted something. Her brain flew back to the last time he had visited her she almost hurled at the memory her stomach clenched as her muscles protested at the remembered pain. He was next to her in a second “Scarlett lovely as always I see.” A mocking sneer on his face as he leered at her barely there clothing and the skin that it revealed, she felt her skin crawl under his scrutiny. “Your majesty, it’s a honour.” she said pasting a fake smile onto her face. His smile turned to one of genuine amusement “I see you’ve learnt some manners. But you know I don’t do surprise visits I have an assignment.”

 “Can I hear it before I accept or decline?”

 “Of course. My half vampire son is running amok I need you to bring him in for me.”

 “May I have time to think about it?”

 “Of course.” He lent forward kissing her firmly on the lips before she could move.  Her skin crawled as his tongue moved across her lips his finger exploring the exposed skin above her top before delving quickly inside the fabric. She stood frozen like a queen carved of ice everywhere he touched turned to ice and felt sullied. He released her pulling back a fraction. “I expected a little more warmth from an ex-lover.” She gasped at his audacity. Anger welled up but she held it in check wished him goodnight and turned walking away from him her back stiff. She left, at once feeling dirtied and tiered of the world. The cold air blasted her as she left the club her whole world reeled around her and she fought to gain control of herself. She lent against the wall hoping that the support would give her legs time to stabilize as she fought the urge to be sick right there and then. Her vision greyed and she feared passing out there. What would he do to her if he found her passed out in front of the club? She didn’t even want to contemplate the possibility, giving up her control she turned the corner into an alley and was sick till her body convulsed on dry wretches. The greyness passed and she found herself able to stand on legs that shook but only slightly.

She moved as quickly as possible away from the club her senses searching her surroundings for him or any of his followers. She decided the she should play it safe and instead of going to her mansion she pulled out the key for her brother’s old house no one lived there anymore so it was the perfect hideout. She gave her brother a quick call telling him she wouldn’t be home that night.

She lay awake starting at the ceiling with memories of the past bombarding her.

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