Nightmare in the Dark

Scarlet is a vampire with a history that haunts her. Luc is trying to find a new life. Together Luc and Scarlet are thrown into a whirlwind of love, hate, fear and torment. Their pasts are catching up with them as they struggle figure out what they have. Join them as they fight for themselves, each other and scarlet’s brother and his fiancé. Can they defeat their history is the past just going to repeat itself?


4. Facing Fears

She stood in front of her wardrobe her gaze flicking over the clothes in there; she knew what he would like. She had already showered covering herself in his favourite scent now she had to choose the perfect outfit. She reached pulling out a deep purple corset covered in black lace that she knew fitted her snuggly and was skimpy enough to attract his attention to all her assets. She decided on a black mini skirt made of mainly lace and a skimpy band of black Lycra the skirt itself only just covered her other asset. She looked in the mirror and gave a jaded smile. Her pale creamy skin was open to the world and the skimpy outfit showed off more than was considered decent by her but the outfit achieved her aim; it showed off just how appealing she was. She added the finishing touches by pulling her curls into a heap on the crown of her had allowing only a few to still feather her neck and cheek she applied some bold black eyeliner and some mascara adding a little scarlet to her lips she definitely presented a daring enchantress. She allowed herself one last sad smile, before pulling on some killer black heels and heading to the club.

Her sense where on high alert as she arrived at the club she searched the area for Lucifer and sure enough she found him in the nearby restaurant. Then she searched for his father’s presence she wasn’t surprised to find that he was also already here. She sashayed her way into the club making sure that she was as alluring as possible. Sure enough it wasn’t long till she felt her skin crawl from his touch on her hip his fingers brushing along exposed skin and up under her top. She focused her thoughts on the way Lucifer had kissed her that afternoon and she imagined it was him stroking his fingers across her now causing arousal to build within her. He turned her forcing her to look into his eyes before kissing her she forced herself to focus on Lucifer and allow the arousal to build before she pulled back. “Mmmm that was much better than the other night my dear far more what I expect.” He breathed into her neck his tongue brushing over the skin and vein there “but what of my proposal?” He asked as his lips closed around the vein. “I can’t” She breathed out forcing her breathing to stay steady she was glad she didn’t have a heartbeat that could give away her fear. “What?!” he shot straight and glared down at her “I’m sorry I can’t I just recently turned a girl and she can’t cope on her own yet she would die without my guidance while I hunted your son.”  It was a half-truth she had recently turned a girl but the girl had proved perfectly capable. To her surprise he smiled down at her “in that case don’t worry about it I will send someone else off but I would like something from you in return for my generosity”

“What is it sire?” she asked in her humblest voice, but already fearing his request.

“I want you in my bed for one night.”

 “Of course my lord” She smiled up at him but inside her something shrivelled up and died “You may have me tonight sire”

Lucifer had been sitting in the restaurant only a matter of minutes when he saw Scarlett walk into the club and he had focused all his senses on her. He felt her revulsion when his father had first approached her than he had sensed the way she thought of him while his father forced himself onto her. He had felt her fear at the half lie she was telling; her surprise when he smiled at her and then the absolute horror and dread at something his father had said. However it wasn’t till he felt her die a little inside that his anger welled up he wanted to protect her but he knew he could do nothing and anything he did would probably end her up in more trouble. Now he watched as his father strolled out closely followed by a deflated and depressed Scarlett. Disgust, disappointment and shock washed through him at her choice of outfit she might as well not have worn anything. What had she been thinking? Then it hit him like a fist in the stomach she had intended to escape handing him over but at the cost of herself. That’s why she had instructed him to stay away tonight it had nothing to do with his father being there she hadn’t wanted him to see how low she would stoop. He couldn’t let her go through with this but he couldn’t confront his father either confusion overwhelmed him what should he do? He closed his eyes and images of Scarlett danced in front of his eyelids then it struck him Eleanor and Cole. He got up and left he headed straight for Scarlett’s house maybe he could find some clues about her brother there.

He swept through the unlocked door into her house the lights were on so he headed straight for the living room. He swept into the room and came nose to nose with Cole. He was surprised but he studied the man in front of him, he was about the same height; he was the male carbon-copy of his sister same skin; same mouth and the same changeable eyes. The surprise quickly faded “Cole I need to talk to you. Do you know what the lord of vampires asked Scarlett to do?” he asked guarded.

“Yes. What about it?”

“She went to see him today but instead of telling him she would track me she left the club trailing him like a puppy dog I don’t know what happened but she seemed to be rueful that her plan worked, but I don’t think, whatever it is, that it is good.” Coles face twisted in anger and Lucifer suspected he knew what she had planned “What was she wearing Lucifer describe her outfit.”

 “It was practically nothing. A purple corset covered in black lace that sat high on her waist and low on her bust. Her skirt was black lycra with a lace over skirt it sat low on her hips and high on her legs she wore no tights and those lethal black heel of hers. Her hair was pinned onto the crown of her head with a few strands falling loose.”

“Damn it. I told her to stall. Damn her.Why couldn't she listen just this once?”

“What is it hunnie?” a sweet feminine voice wafted over as a delicate had closed over Cole’s arm giving it a light squeeze the hand was soon followed by Eleanor’s head on his shoulder. “Nothing dear it’s just Scarlett being Scarlett” a frown marred Eleanor’s beautiful face as she responded “What has she done?” That’s when she spotted Lucifer out the corner of her eye “Oh Lucifer what are you doing here?” surprise echoed in all her features before they switched to a cautious setting “Trying to find out what Scarlett is up to.” His voice was steady but his face betrayed him as Eleanor spotted the concern that crossed it. “What’s she done? Cole? Lucifer? Is she ok? What has she done? Tell me now!” Eleanor was frantic worry showed in every fibre of her body as she tensed ready to spring into action if necessary to defend her best friend and future family. “She is ok for now as far as we know and she might even stay that way but she left the club tonight following the lord of vampires and we know she turned down an assignment he offered her so he might be punishing her. She seemed willing enough though so it might just be nothing.” Lucifer explained careful to make it look like it was all ok because it was obvious that Eleanor would do anything to defend Scarlett. “She wouldn’t be willing. She told me about him. She wouldn’t willingly go to him she is terrified and repulsed by him.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke the words on everyone’s mind “I know that’s what’s worrying me. I’m sorry Cole.” Anger twisted Cole’s features turning them hard and dark. “There was nothing you could do Lucifer you’re not strong enough to challenge him, what I don’t understand is why she doesn’t”

 “Should we go after her now or wait till morning and hope he lets her go?” Both men looked at each other sizing the other up judging capability their bodies strung tight the muscles tensed ready to leap into action if necessary.

Scarlett was walking into the mansion that still gave her nightmares; it was made of black stones and everything about it was dark and foreboding fear shivered down her spine as the house towered over her menacing and watchful as if one mistake and it would consume her into its black soul. Her blood ran cold and anger, hate and fear corsed through her as she stared at the back of the man in front of her the man who had caused her pain, humiliation and fear for centuries and whose son she was trying to save. His kiss had told her everything she had wanted to know he didn’t want her getting hurt he wasn’t sure what he felt for her but he knew he felt something for her he had been protective and caring. That was the reason she was here and that was why she would carry through with her decision. She straightened her back as purpose filled her she wouldn’t be defeated. Not this time.

Cole tried to reach tried to find her and to gain a sense of what was going on. However she was blocking him at every turn stopping him from entering by the look of frustration Lucifer’s face he was having no luck either. “Well at least we know that she is steady enough to be able to block us.”

“Or he is hurting her and she doesn’t want us to know.”

“You always know how to look at the bright side don’t you Lucifer. No if he was hurting her she wouldn’t have the strength to keep this up she would be trying to her stop herself from showing any weakness in front of him.” His face was a mix of emotions battling for control.

She knew exactly what he wanted from her and she would give it to him for one night and one night only to protect Lucifer, there was something there she wanted to explore. What the hell are you doing Scarlet? That was Cole but she wouldn’t she couldn’t she knew he would be disappointed in her. Damn it Scarlett don’t do this, not for me. Lower these blocks. That was Lucifer she wouldn’t let them in, couldn’t, there would be murder.  I’m fine I promise if I’m not back by midday you can come looking for me. She replied to them both. Damn it Scarlett.

Lucifer looked at Cole” so what do we do she seems to be fine do we do what she said?”

“I don’t think we have much of a choice if we go in there all fired up we could get her killed.”

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