Nightmare in the Dark

Scarlet is a vampire with a history that haunts her. Luc is trying to find a new life. Together Luc and Scarlet are thrown into a whirlwind of love, hate, fear and torment. Their pasts are catching up with them as they struggle figure out what they have. Join them as they fight for themselves, each other and scarlet’s brother and his fiancé. Can they defeat their history is the past just going to repeat itself?


5. Coming Back

Lucifer sat looking out the window watching the sunrise, his heart ached, she wasn’t back yet; he wanted her back with all his soul. His anger welled over at what she had done when she got back he would teach her a lesson she never forgot a lesson that would make sure she never surrendered to his father ever again. He turned to the doorway hearing Cole walk in; Cole was as worried as he was. “Is Eleanor sleeping?”

“For now.” Cole’s response was clipped, his anger almost tangible as it created thick black shadows round the room. “Scarlett is so stubborn, she never listens and she lives behind a high wall that no one can pass. I fear for her. I think she tires of life and I think that she might give up soon if not shown a reason to continue, encounters like this shorten the days till she gives up.” Cole’s concern was plainly evident and Lucifer realized he spoke true he had seen her weariness when she had been in that club but put it down to the regular tasks she must receive. “She is strong I think she may yet forsake her world-weary outlook.” Lucifer didn’t want to accept the possibility that she would give up she had too much fire in her belly and steel in her back for that. “If she comes back. No offense but I don’t trust your father and I don’t trust her decisions.” A rueful smile crossed Lucifer’s face as he turned back to the window. “Yeah.”

Scarlett had stayed awake all night. After he had fallen asleep she had cried till she couldn’t cry anymore then she had sat, her head resting against the wall her legs pulled up against her chest, Frozen like a marble carving. Her senses worked overtime analysing each sound that reach her ears each smell that entered her nose and each breath that whispered against her skin. She reached out to Lucifer searching his feelings she saw concern and love it was there as pure and clean as the moonlight by which she hunted. At the first signs of dawn she rose and moved round the room putting her clothes back on but adjusting them trying to make them as decent as possible. Once dressed she walked to the door her hand had barely touched the door handle when a lazy voice slithered into her ears. “Where are you going my dear?”

“You said one night I’ve done as you asked and I was about to leave my child will have returned and will wonder where I am I need to attend to her.” Cold stole through her she could feel him moving towards her as a predator stalking its prey. “Of course you must.” She felt his hands cup her shoulders his fingers teasing along her collar bone “but you forgot about my goodbye kiss” She shivered in revulsion but did as he asked. “Thank you sire for your generosity on my part but I really must be leaving.” She said lowering her head in a sign of respect “Of course”

She made her way quickly careful to stay to the shadows she could survive in the sun it just made her lethargic and direct contact could burn her and eventually she would turn to ash. She moved quickly making sure she wasn’t followed then she headed for her house.


The door was unlocked and she walked quickly into the house locking the door behind her “Cole?” At her voice two male heads came round the corner “Scarlett what the hell were you thinking?” anger evident in the tone and posture of her brother. Lucifer looked angry as well but he also looked concerned she realised that his emotions showed more clearly than her brothers. “I was doing what I was doing. Now back off I don’t want to butt heads with you my decisions are my decisions. Is Eleanor ok?” Scarlett felt tiered and sullied but she wanted to show she could be soft at the same time as putting her foot down. “She is asleep, but yes she is fine, almost collapsed when Lucifer explained what had happened. She was so worried I had to give her a pill to get her to sleep.” Cole could see the exhaustion running through her but he also wanted her to know that her actions had hurt others. “Fine. I get it. I’m going to go shower see you later.” She turned and walked up the stairs her legs felt like lead and she just wanted to sleep but she had to wash she felt dirtied by her lord’s touch.

 She turned the shower adjusting the temperature so warm droplets massaged her body as they thrummed against her. A cold chill blew through and she knew without opening her eyes she wasn’t alone. The feel of Lucifer’s large warm hands closing over her shoulders and his thumb rubbing large circles across her back sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. “Lucifer…” Lucifer cut her off with a soft kiss turning her so she was pressed against him. “Don’t. I don’t want to hear it” she tried to protest but the feel of his hands brushing over her skin was driving her to distraction. “You scared me.” His lips began to search her body in a barely there touch make her legs feel weak and all thoughts washed out of her head. He knelt in front of her his head resting against her belly as his hands brushed her legs gently. “I was terrified I would lose you when I hadn’t even had a chance to explore what was going on your different Scarlett.” Scarlett could barely focus his gentle touch lighting a slow burn in her belly. “Lucifer I am different I’m trouble.” She forced the words passed her lips he needed to know. “Mmmm I think I like trouble.”  Lucifer scooped a limp, tiered and weak Scarlett into his arms and carried her laying into the soft clouds of fabric that made up her bed.

Then he slipped in next to her he pulled her up against his chest holding her close he focused on each breath that whispered through her body.  He struggled with himself for the first time he was torn. He was too much his father to have a girl like her he knew they would only get hurt.  Yet his soul cried out for her she was perfect for him; her body a perfect fit for his; her wits an equal match to his. He felt her snuggle against him and reluctant smile tugged at his lips she trusted him in her sleep at least. “Lucifer” Her sleep filled voice lay heavy in the air as she waited for a response. “Luc. Call me Luc.”

“Luc. You have to understand when I said trouble I meant bad trouble not your average beware I mean danger.”

“I meant it when I said I don’t want to hear it. I kinda like trouble anyway.” Scarlett turned propping herself on her elbow she brushed a stray lock off his forehead “Luc please will listen to what I am saying. You can’t be so blasé about it unless you want to end up dead. Your father is still very domineering over me. He would kill you.” Lucifer pulled her down next to him “and I said your different Scarlett, I can’t leave you even if I wanted to save my own skin. You can’t keep running like a dog with its tail between its legs.” Indignation hardened all her features “I’m not scampering around like a dog.”

“Aren’t you?” His calm and collected voice irritated her even more than the knowledge that he was right. She turned her face away as tears began to spill down her cheeks but he wouldn’t let her hide. He turned her head so she was looking at him again and gently brushed away the tears with the pad of his thumb. “It’s always easier to hide always easier to run always easier to give up. While those will always be the easiest options they aren't always the right actions. I love you Scarlett and I’m not letting go.” Her mind scrambled desperately for a reason to push him away she didn’t want to see him hurt. “But…” he silenced her with a passionate kiss that stole her breath away. “No buts” he whispered firmly she searched his face for weakness anything she could use against him but she found none. “Fine” She whispered caving in to her desires and to him. “I love you Luc, promise me you’ll always be here for me.” She said in a quiet sleep filled voice as she snuggled against him and fell asleep. “I promise” He whispered in her ear as her eyelashes fluttered. She slept the rest of the day off.


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