A Tribute

This is a tribute for all those who died under the attacks on September 11th. As an American, I felt the need to write my thoughts and blessings to those who lost an important person in their life on this tragic day.
This is definately the piece of work that means the most to me. Not because it is very long or the best poem in the world, it still has the most value to me.


1. A Tribute

Smoke billowing out of the windows, the walls.

Nothing is to be seen. All you can do is hear.
Panic rises in New York, when another body falls.
Fire resembling exactly what we can’t bear.

I can’t describe how many thoughts whirl inside my head
On this terrible day, when everything we knew fell apart.
All the agony, the destruction; resulting only in pain and death.
A time we will never forget; it lies deep in our hearts.

All these families and lives shattered in an instant
Flames, taller than anything we’ve ever seen.
And sorrow, that will always show our remembrance.
This is the closest to America I’ve ever been.

An unspoken bond grew among us, that moment, that hour.
A sensation of grotesque reality creeping into our minds,
When we saw the planes fly into the tower.
But now we are together forever – entwined.

Three attacks. Three thousand victims. A million lives ruined. 

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