I guess he saved me, saved me from myself.


1. Saving Me

I guess he saved me, saved me from myself.

He was just too late. My hairpins had become knifes weeks before him. My arms had become ugly, red, scarred. Destroyed.

And then he came, saved me, without knowing. He kissed me. Looked at me. And kissed me again, so much passion, so much feeling. And knowing that someone felt when with me, that saved me. He smiled down to me, and I laughed happily when my hair came in between our kisses. It felt so real, and so bloody right.

He kissed me goodbye, and for him, that was that.

I guess, I was just another girl. And yes, I was in tears when I saw him with another girl. But I will never regret those two weeks. Those two weeks which made me human, and made me understand that life truly is what you make it. And some things, just are to right, to real to ever should regret them.

For months after he said goodbye, my hairpins was my weapon against the world, and in some ways they still are. I will probably never let them go, but I hope, that someday I can just have them in my pocket to remember and nothing else.

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