Head Over Heels

Indie's life is relatively simple until Damon joins her class and she finds herself falling Head Over Heels. With the help of her best mate Amber, can she get him to notice her?


2. Matchmaking

"Damon, I love it! I bet he's got dark hair, and green eyes and a passion for me!" Amber told me.

"Dream on sweetie! He'll probably be another chav, forget about him!" I tried to tell her. "Anyway, you like Cellach!"

"Alas...he does not like me," Amber moaned.

"Cellach! He's mad about you, you can see it in his eyes," I told her.

"Ooooo get you, you've gone all mushy and anyway he SO doesn't!" Amber argued.

"He does!!! Believe me!" I pestered.

"Prove it!" Amber said.

"Ok, Oi Cellach!" I shouted over at Cellach Jamieson.

"Indie! What the hell are you doing?" Amber whispered.

"You said prove it!" I replied.

"Yeah, what is it?" Cellach turned around. "Oh..Hi Amber," He flashed her a sweet smile, dimples and all.

Amber blushed and returned his smile with one of her own. I grinned at her.

"It doesn't matter," I told him. He shrugged and turned back around, but not before granting Amber a wink.

She couldn't stop grinning.

"Oh my god Amber! He's crazy about you! Aww ask him out!" I pestered excitedly.

"I couldn't!" she replied sadly. I racked my brains.

"How about I get you guys alone together?" I ask mischieviously.

"How?" Amber asks.

"Oi! Cellach! I just remembered! You and Amber have to attend a meeting this lunchtime about science club. Room 212," I shouted over.

"Oh ok, cheers Indie," Cellach replies.

I turn back to Amber.


Amber grinned then her eyes widened in fear. "I can't talk to him alone!" she gasped.

"Yes you can! Just think if this goes right he could be your boyfriend by the end of the day!" I assured her.

"D'you really think so?" she asked.

"I know so! Trust me!" I said. Amber smiled.

"So back to Damon. What about we set you up with him?" Amber asked.

"Amber we haven't even met him yet!" I said.

"So? We have to get in there."

I shook my head. "I'm not making any plans before i've even met the guy!"

"Ok ok," Sadie replied.


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