~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


5. Who is James?


Oh my god guys I feel so bad! I did't update for almost a month!
I'm so so sorry for that and I'm also sorry that this chapter is so short but I hope you'll enjoy it
anyway. So have fun readin' chapter 5 and tell me like the usual what you think about it :) 

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Chapter 5




~Niall's POV~




We didn't hear anything from Alex for 5 days and she answered only to Louis' texts because he was like her best friend in the band and I bet Danielle and Perrie promised her that they wont tell anything their boyfriends.
On Saturday when we were eating breakfast in death silence Louis broke it finally asked what everyone wanted to know: “Liam, who is James?” Zayn and I looked at each other not sure what we should expect of Liam but we were very surprised when he said: “I'll tell you after breakfast. Ok?” We all nodded our heads in agreement.
Once we were finished and went into the living room where we distributed on the sofas and Liam sat on a chair.
“Well..” He began and then he told us everything and I mean everything.
“Alex and I met when she and her family moved in the house right next to ours in Wolverhampton. Her Family that was She her mom Dana her dad Christopher her older Brother James and she. Obviously the twins weren't born then. We, so Alex, James and I became best friends really quickly, we played everyday together. One day we pretended we were pirates and our sandpit turned into a ship the other day Alex wanted to be a princess so James was the king and I was her slave,” Liam said sadly smiling probably remembering his happy childhood with Alex and her older brother James. We all smiled a bit about the imagination of Liam as little Alex' slave but listened immediately as he continued telling. “4 years later when Alex I were in the 3rd grade her mom was pregnant with the twins Finn and Eliza. Everyone was totally excited and couldn't wait for them. But about one and a half year after they both were born their dad died and James and Alex got very.. how should I put this? They crashed as James started to drink in the age of 14 and Alex hurt her self with only 10!” Liam cried. All of us had tears in the eyes then Liam continued. “One day my mom told Dana that they should maybe do something like a therapy and a few weeks later James really promised his and my family that he wont ever drink again. But Alex still hurt herself until the age of 12.
Then she fell for a guy in her class who was beside her first love her first kiss too. But then came next calamity. When Alex was about 14
James got his first job in another village but he took it anyway because his family really needed the money so one day he was on the way home with one of his colleagues and this guy drove the car since James hadn't his license. But he didn't know that his colleague drove drunk probably because he was tired or something it was a quite rainy day and it was already dark outside. So this guy drove the two of them home and it went good until a little park near our street the road was like more slippery than before and this jerk didn't watch out and drove directly into a tree. I was at home watching TV but suddenly the front door rang. When I opened it, a crying Alex stood there and she told that my best mate was in hospital with serious injuries. I wrapped my arms around her and told her that everything was going to be fine. Then I told my mom to drive us to the hospital where Alex' mom already waited, the twins were at their grannie's. We all went separate into James' room and he told each of us something personal he probably knew that he hadn't much time left. I don't know what he told Alex or his mom but he told me to take care of Alex and never let anyone hurt her not even herself.
Then the doctor came into the room and told me to wait outside because he had to make some tests so I went outside the room and over to Alex who sat opposite the door on the floor her arms slung around her legs. I sat next to her and a few moments later the doctor came out of the room with a serious face and told us that he was very sorry but James' heart just stopped beating and he fell asleep for ever. Since then Alex wasn't the same person anymore, James was her hero she loved him more than anybody else in the world he was always there for her when she needed someone... of course I was as well but there was something special between Alex and James, sometimes they were like one person. Anyway Alex started to hurt herself again and I felt so bad because I couldn't keep my promise. But step by step her bruises were less and the shine in her eyes came back, slowly, but it came back. And that made me happy as well.
Now she lives actually quite happy with her mom and the twins but sometimes when she finds out that her moms new boyfriend hit Dana she cuts herself but thank god that doesn't happen that often.”
We all listened tensely to the story Liam told us and when he has finished it was death silent a few moments. Then Louis began crying but instead of teasing him for being so sensitive we all cried along.
Once we were done crying our souls out – it was already afternoon – We decided to get something to eat and Liam told us that he wanted go to Danielle's and Eleanor's to say Alex that he's sorry and we all could tell he really was!  

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