~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


1. Welcome to London!

„Bye Mum I'll miss you so much.“ I said to my mother when I hugged her. „Bye baby I'll miss you even more have a good time in London

and call me as soon as you arrived OK?“ She said and kissed my forehead. „Of course mum“ I said when I got in my old neighbor and best friend Liam's car.
We met when we just moved here and that was when I was 4 now I'm 17 and I'm going to live with him and his band mates and best friends in London for the whole summer to help them for their own fashion line. You have to know I'm really good in this fashion stuff so you can imagine how many suitcases I'm taking with me.
I'm Alexandra by the way but everyone calls me Alex.

“Take care of my baby OK Liam?” my mother almost yelled while hugging my best friend. “I will mrs. Blue” Liam answered while I was blushing to death even if he's my best friend.

He got in the car right beside me and started the motor I looked back to see my mother waving and standing there alone because my brother and sister were still sleeping and they looked so peacefully so I didn't want to wake them I said them goodbye yesterday anyway they're 9 year old twins and I love them a lot even if they're annoying sometimes and her boyfriend Keith was probably in a pub to get plastered..

“So” Liam began after half an hour of silence “You're going to live with us... looking forward ??”

“of course!” I yelled “ you too right?”

“Sure I'm only a bit worried..”


“Because of you.. We both know how you are.. like partying as much as possible and so on”

“Oh please I'm not that bad..” I said seriously.


“Yeah but you know what I mean you're going to live with five boys and two of them are single”

“So what? Only 'cause they're single I have to hook up with them?

Do I look like a slut!?” (yeah yeah I know language..)

“Of course not! But you know you are very beautiful and they are pretty handsome guys... Do you know what I want to say?”
Liam asked with an expectant look in his face.


I just replied with: “ yeah yeah”


“By the way,” he began again “to day you're going to meet Niall..

last time when I took you with me to London for that weekend and you met the other boys he was in Ireland because of his grannie.”

“Oh!” I said surprised I totally forgot that. Between us I always had a secret crush on him and I was so sad that we didn't meet last time. Oh I think that was what Liam wanted to say.. Anyway I'm going to meet him and Liam can't change that!

After another 15 minutes of silence I turned on the radio and suddenly fell asleep. After what felt like a few minutes I woke up of someone's hand shaking my shoulder.

“Alex, wake up” Liam said quietly. I opened my eyes and saw Liam's smiley face “we're here love”

“How long did I sleep?” I asked confused

“About 2 hours” Liam chuckled .He helped me out of the car and I looked up at this giant apartmentbuilding.
When we reached the boy's flat the light was off. Suddenly I heard a snicker and then it became a loud laugh.
“Naill! You ruined it!!” a familiar voice yelled”


“Sorry mates” Niall said still giggling but he wasn't interesting anymore.


“LOUIS!” I shouted


“ALEX!” Louis replied


I ran into his arms and immediately got in a one direction grouphug but one of one direction was missing.. Niall

“Hey I'm Niall.” he said shyly after I escaped from the grouphug.

“I know.” I giggled, shyly as well.


“Oh yeah sure.” He said

Oh my... in real life he's even more adorable than in videos or something. His wonderful piercing blue eyes, his bleached blond hair
and his smile oh my... HIS SMILE!!! I thought to myself.


“Come on Alex I show you your room.” Liam interrupt my wonderful thoughts.
“What?.. uhm.. ok” I said confused .


Liam opened the door and we stepped into a wonderful big room with purple walls, a big bed with 20 pillows on it and then there were 3 signs one was like a turquoise and said “dream” another was pink and said “love” and the last was a sunny yellow and said “laugh” when I saw that I immediately thought about Niall funny huh?


“Oh my gosh I absolutely love it!” I screamed.

“glad you like it” Liam said.


“Did you furnish that?” I asked

“Uh no I wish I was that talented” he laughed
“No Niall did that”


“Niall did that?” I repeated disbelieving


“Yeah it's really nice isn't it ?”

“Nice?.. It's just PERFECT!” I yelled


I went back into the living room to see Niall eating pizza.

I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Thank you so much for the room.” I mumbled into his shoulder.

I felt how he blushed and I also felt the weird looks from the other boys.

I immediately let Niall go and felt my cheeks blush into a deep red


“I'm sorry I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful room I absolutely love it.” I said.

“No problem and you're most welcome love”
as soon as he said 'love' I melt inside but outside I've tried playing it cool. (see what I did there ? :D)


“So love, what do you want to do?” Harry asked and it looked like he was jealous... of Niall??

“Well I'm kinda hungry,” I answered “let's go to Nando's!”

“YES! PLEASE! I'M STARVING!” Niall shouted.


“But Niall you just ate some crisps.” Liam said the daddy direction he was.


“So what?!”


“Ok let's go to Nando's.” Liam sighed.


So we went to Nando's and we had a very interesting evening.


So that was the first chapter... 
What do you think about it?? 
I'm so sorry if it's bad ;) 
It's my first story btw.


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