~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


8. Ridiculous questions and perfect first dates!


Chapter 8

~Niall's POV~

Yaayy Alex finally moved back to us! We didn't talk very much since she and Liam became reconciled. But on a Saturday I asked her out. Finally!
“Uh Alex?” I asked when we were done with breakfast. “Yeah?” She answered angelic. “Would you like to go for a dinner with me tonight?” I asked I could feel my cheeks turn red and my hands shaking. “Sure I'd love to” She said smiling. “Great” I said almost too happy. With that she to her wanted to walk away but then she turned around again and asked: “Wait, what to wear?” “Uh.. You know what.. We go shopping now.” I said winking. “What now?” She asked surprised. “Yeah go get ready.” I chuckled “Uh ok” She said quickly and excitedly then she ran to her room and jumped twice on her way like a little ballerina. Goodness how cute she was.
Once we both were ready I waited for her at the door. When she came down stairs my eyes almost fell out of my head, she looked so beautiful. She was wearing gray high wasted skinny jeans and a sleeveless top. From far I couldn't read what was written on it but when she walked over to me I read :
You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, and you'll never treat yourself right, Darlin' but I want you to. If I let you know, I'm here for you, maybe you'll love yourself like I love you.
I needed about a minute 'till I noticed that I just sang my solo of 'little things' and I perceive that only because I saw Alex standing in front of me with a wide opened mouth and big eyes. “What?” I asked. “You sing like an angel.” Alex answered still in trance. Then she shook her head and said hastily “I.. I mean you sing.. very good..” Her cheeks glowed bright red.
“Well.. Thanks” I said smiling and I bet I blushed as well as Alex.
“Oh and you look very good by the way. I like your shirt” I chuckled “Thank you. Yeah I like it too” She said with a brilliant smile.
“Let's go?” I asked finally. “Let's go!” She repeated in agreement.
So we drove off to the old town of London where I really liked it because it wasn't everything so big and impersonal but here are cute little cafes and bakeries and stuff like that. So I thought it could please Alex too. Once we reached a small boutique and walked into it. “So you can choose anything you want” I said. “But have you seen the price tag I could never pay that.” Alex said worried. “See it as a gift of mine.” I said winking. “Really?!” she asked with a shine in her face. “Of course” I answered. “Thank you so so much” she said as she ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. We stood like this for a while and it was a perfect moment. Then we both let go and Alex ran over to the dresses. She stood in front of these wonderful evening dresses with eyes as big as plates.
She chose a light blue strapless dress with a big white bow on it matching white flats and a small white bag. With these items she disappeared in the changing room. I sat down on a huge chair right in front of it. About ten minutes later she screamed as if she saw a ghost and I almost ran over to the changing room but then she stuck just her head out of the curtain and said with her most innocent angel face “I'm fine sorry. It wont happen again.”
Once she came out but dressed like she was before.”Don't you think I should see what I pay for?” I asked her. “No. Otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.” She answered winking. I sighed and thought, that this was a good compromise and payed what she had chosen.
When we came out of the boutique we went to a small ice cream shop where they sold homemade ice-cream and I hat to admit, it was the best ice-cream I've ever eaten. So we sat down at a table Alex with a cinnamon ice-cream in her hand and me with strawberry ice-cream.
“So how is it to be admired by million of girls?” Alex asked suddenly.
“Well you know sometimes some girls are almost scary and sometimes they cry and I don't like it when our fans cry it makes me feel like we've either done something wrong or we really changed their life.” I answered.
“Oh you guys really can change a life.” She said quietly smiling.
When we walked back to the we were randomly holding hands. But of course right then a crowd of paparazzi appeared. I squeezed Alex' hand a little tighter and pulled her with me through the people. They took pictures and asked question like “Niall is she your girlfriend?” or “Niall is that the girl who dumped Liam for you?” This question really confused me Alex and Liam were never dating how came they to such stupid stories?
Once we reached the car and got quickly into it. Heavily breathing we pulled off home. “That was probably the most ridiculous question I've every heard!” Alex burst out and started laughing. “That's actually not so funny love,” I said seriously. If there's a story about you telling something like this your in trouble.” “Why am I in trouble when these people are too stupid to write the truth?” She asked jokingly. “Ya know, the fans could hear about that and they will. And I don't want them to think that you're a bad person.” I told her. “Can't we just ask Liam to tell them that it's not true?” She was so cute and innocent “Some of them probably wont believe it, Love. Some of them just believe what they read in blogs or in gossip magazines. But we can try it ok?” I asked smiling. “Ok” She repeated sweetly.
When we were at home it was already 4 pm and Alex and I had to get ready when it suddenly rang on the door...

~Alex POV~
I ran to the door shouting “I'll get it!” like a little girl. Then the cutest little girl in the entire world walked over into my arms. “Hello Lux how ya doing sweety?” I asked her. “good” She said cutely. Then I let her walk into the flat and greeted her mom and the boys' stylist Lou. “Hey there thanks for coming so quickly” I said while hugging her. “Anytime Love.” She said winking. “What is Lux doing here?” Harry asked confused. “Well I need Lou's help so I texted her to come over and how it looks she brought Lux with her.” I chuckled. “ Not that I would mind that the sweetest girl in the world is in our flat.” He said while picking her up and lifting her in the air. He was so cute with her like all the other boys too.
“So show me your dress and we'll see what we're gonna do with you.” Lou smiled. So we went to my room and her eyes almost fell out of her head when she saw the dress.
She dealt with me for almost two and a half hours and therefor my eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw my face and my hair in the mirror that was covered with a towel before make it more exciting.
So my hair fell wonderful curly on my shoulders and my back, my eyes looked even more dark blue than else and my lashes were almost twice as long as before even without false lashes. I don't wanna sound conceited but I looked really beautiful. Lou helped me in my dress and I thanked her about thousand times and then we walked together to the living room were Niall was dressed very fancy as well. I sighed in relieve of the fact I wasn't too overdressed.
All of the boys stared at me with wide open eyes and mouths, all of them except of Niall he just stood there and smiled happily at me.
“Ready to go milady?” He asked nobly. “Readier than ever my lord” I answered and took his hand.
“Have fun kids” Lou said jokingly “We will” I answered winking.
We drove along the same road like earlier that day and I was very excited where Niall would take me. Once we reached a wonderful little restaurant that looked very fancy so we were dressed exactly right. The concierge smiled when he saw Niall and me walking over to him. “Ah good evening Mr. Horan another charming lady this time?” What did he mean with 'another lady'? Has Niall taken other girls here before? I had to know that. When we were sitting at our table with our drinks it just burst out of me: “What did he mean before when he said another lady? Have you taken other girls here before?” I asked but covered immediately my mouth. Niall raised his eyebrows surprised but smiled. “I took one girl here and I do that every year with her.” He said calmly. “May I ask who she is?” I ask curiously. “My m0m” He said happily smiling. “Awwww Niall this is so sweet.” I said touched. “Yeah I do that every year on mothers day with her, Greg can do anything he wants with her all day I just take her out to this cute restaurant.”
Once our starter came and we began to eat but with every food output we got Niall seemed more nervous. When we have finished our desert he cleared his throat and began: “Well Alex, the actual reason why I took you here is because I wanted to ask you something.” I had a feeling what he was going to say but I let myself be surprised. “S0 I wanted to ask you if...” He continued but started then over again. (← I'm such a genius. Ain't I? :D)

“Alexandra Denise Blue, will you be my girlfriend?” “Awwww Niall of course I will rather than anything else!” I answered happily. He walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips. He payed the bill and we walked hand in hand to the car and drove home.
This was the most perfectest date I've ever had! 

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